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Marijuana Possession

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Although Pennsylvania has begun to pass and implement medical marijuana laws across the state, it is still illegal to possess marijuana for personal use. However, Philadelphia has taken steps to limit the impact of possession charges in cases involving only a small amount of marijuana. If you were recently arrested for possessing marijuana and… Read More »


Collecting Compensation for Broken Glass

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Although most people associate broken bones and whiplash with car accident injuries, in reality, some of the most dangerous injuries faced by car accident victims are those caused by broken glass. In an effort to protect drivers and passengers from flying glass in the event of an accident, automobile manufacturers designed and began installing… Read More »


When Can the Police Search My Car and Its Contents?

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

It is a well-established legal principle that law enforcement officers are permitted to search a person’s car without a warrant. However, officers can only do so when they have probable cause to believe that a crime has been or is being committed. A recent ruling helped further clarify this doctrine by holding that the… Read More »


Can the Sender of a Text Message be Held Liable for a Resulting Crash?

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

In Pennsylvania, it is against the law for drivers to read or send text messages while they are operating a vehicle. While this law has undoubtedly prevented a number of car accidents, it is often difficult to enforce and an alarming number of collisions are still caused by distracted driving on a daily basis…. Read More »


Pennsylvania Court Requires Police to Corroborate Testimony of Confidential Informants

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Law enforcement officers often rely on tips from confidential informants in order to obtain search warrants. Unfortunately, even when a case is brought to trial, the identity of these informants is usually strictly protected, which can make it difficult, if not impossible for a defense attorney to challenge the informant’s reliability. However, a recently… Read More »


The Dangers of Chemical Spills

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Every year, commercial trucks transport an array of products ranging from livestock and agricultural products to furniture and toys. However, it has also become increasingly common to see large trucks transporting hazardous materials. Although these materials enable us to perform a number of necessary functions, they also pose a serious risk to others. For… Read More »


Probation Detainers

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

When a person on probation is arrested for a new offense, his or her probation officer will often request a probation detainer, which if granted, will prohibit the defendant from release on bail. Probation detainers can make it difficult for a defendant to formulate a defense strategy or get their affairs in order prior… Read More »


Collecting Compensation for Accidents Caused by Commercial Truck Brake Failure

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates that around 29 percent of accidents involving commercial trucks are caused by brake failure. While brake failure is always dangerous, it can be deadly when the vehicle in question is a large truck traveling at high speeds, and possibly carrying dangerous cargo. Collisions involving trucks tend… Read More »


What Qualifies as a Deadly Weapon?

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

One of the ways that a person can be convicted of aggravated assault in Pennsylvania is if the prosecutor can demonstrate that a defendant used a deadly weapon during an assault and caused someone to suffer a bodily injury. Being able to convince a jury that an object constituted a deadly weapon can have… Read More »


School Bus Accident Liability

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Every day, thousands of parents place their trust in school bus drivers to transport their children safely to and from school. While many bus drivers are careful to observe all traffic laws and to drive carefully and responsibly, accidents still can and do happen. Tragically, many school bus accidents result in serious injuries that… Read More »

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