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Collecting Compensation for Injuries Sustained in a Head-on Collision

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

All car accidents are frightening and potentially dangerous. There are, however, certain types of car crashes that are notorious for causing particularly serious, and often life-threatening injuries. For instance, head-on collisions tend to have especially devastating consequences for those involved, many of whom suffer from permanent disability as a result of their injuries. Collecting… Read More »


Pennsylvania Legislators Introduce Bill Aimed at Restoring Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Recently, the House of Representatives passed House Bill 741, which proposes reinstating mandatory minimum sentences for specific crimes in Pennsylvania. The bill is currently being reviewed in the Senate Judiciary and if passed, could have a significant impact on how defendants are sentenced across the state. If you have been arrested for a crime… Read More »


Pedestrian Accidents

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), 166 pedestrians lost their lives in traffic-related accidents in a single year, while a further 3,985 suffered injuries. Although there are laws in place to help prevent these types of accidents, they still can and do occur, often because one of the parties involved was negligent…. Read More »


When Are You Entitled to Receive Miranda Warnings?

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Miranda warnings play an extremely important role in protecting those who are suspected of committing a crime from having their words used against them if they are later tried in court. If you believe that your rights may have been violated prior to or during an interrogation, it is critical to speak with an… Read More »


When are Parents Liable for the Actions of Their Children?

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Teenagers are notorious for being irresponsible and making poor, often reckless, decisions. Unfortunately, these decisions can prove deadly for others on the road. However, the parents of negligent teenagers can be required to compensate any victims for their medical expenses and lost wages if the parents were careless in allowing the teenagers to drive… Read More »


Court’s Ruling Limits Application of Designer Drug Law in Pennsylvania

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Under Pennsylvania law, it is illegal to manufacture, possess, or distribute designer drugs. Determining what qualifies as a designer drug can be difficult, which leads to many unfair prosecutions. However, a recent decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has helped clarify state law criminalizing possession of designer drugs by limiting its application. To learn… Read More »


The Dangers of Cargo Spills

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Although most people associate auto accidents with driver error, such as failing to yield, reckless driving, or violating a traffic law, many accidents are also the result of collisions with spilled cargo. These types of car crashes can be particularly dangerous, especially if a truck was transporting dangerous or hazardous materials. Fortunately, truck drivers… Read More »


Upcoming Changes to Pennsylvania’s DUI Law

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Last year, Governor Wolf signed a bill into law that requires those who are convicted of driving with a BAC of .10 percent or higher to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles, even for a first offense. However, the law also gives many DUI offenders who would have had their licenses suspended under… Read More »


Negligent Security

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Property owners must take steps to ensure that their property is reasonably safe for visitors. When they fail to take these steps, property owners can be held liable for injuries sustained as a result of their negligence. The duty to make their property safe for visitors also requires property owners to offer reasonable security… Read More »


Possessing an Instrument of a Crime

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Although possessing an instrument of a crime is usually charged as a misdemeanor, it is one of the more serious lower level offenses in Pennsylvania. Fortunately, there are defenses available to defendants, so if you have been charged with this crime, it is critical to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can… Read More »

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