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Texting While Driving: An Epidemic That is Occurring More Than Drinking and Driving

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Texting has become the most effective way to communicate for most people. It is rare to walk down the street and not see a person absorbed in their phone and completely oblivious to their surroundings. Texting while driving is even more dangerous and can lead to serious injury. The few seconds a person takes… Read More »


Shoplifting is Much More than a Harmless Offense

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Shoplifting is a crime that is often seen as minor or harmless. Of course, this view changes tremendously when you are the person faced with shoplifting charges. You will not only face criminal charges but you can also be held civilly liable. Take these charges seriously because a shoplifting conviction can have a profound… Read More »


Were You Injured by a Negligent Business Owner?

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Most people do not know or fully understand that when they enter a business establishment, the owner owes each customer a duty to make sure they are safe from danger while on their property. Business premises can include department stores, restaurants, and grocery stores. What happens if you are injured when you slip or… Read More »


Why Public Intoxication is Not a Laughing Matter

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

You smartly chose not to drive when you decided to go out one night with friends. The night will involve bar hopping, laughter, and celebration. After already making a few stops and heading to the next location, you realize that maybe your alcohol consumption combined with the fun experience might not be a great… Read More »


What You Need to Know if Your Child is Charged with Underage DUI

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

No parent wants to receive a phone call that their child is in jail and has been charged with a serious crime. Unfortunately, most teenagers will find themselves in a situation where they have consumed alcohol and made the poor decision to drive. Consuming alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal in Pennsylvania…. Read More »


Collecting Compensation for Injuries Caused by Defective Airbags

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Manufacturers are required to comply with certain safety regulations when designing and producing airbags. Unfortunately, many companies bypass these rules by failing to adequately test their products or by using inferior materials. In most cases, these measures reflect a manufacturer’s desire to save money. However, in the long run, these types of shortcuts can… Read More »


Tips for Filing Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuits

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Reckless drivers in Pennsylvania cause thousands of major auto accidents each year, even while fatal accidents are on the decline. Many of the responsible drivers could have prevented the crash but chose to drive drunk, to text and drive, or to do other things that pose a serious risk to others. This post offers… Read More »


DUI Testing Changes

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

The United States Supreme Court case concerned with the constitutionality of DUI testing will lead to changes in how DUI stops are handled around Pennsylvania. The way York County, PA law enforcement now handles these stops illustrates what might happen now if you are suspected of driving under the influence. The Supreme Court DUI… Read More »


The Problem with Eyewitness Testimony

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

A Philadelphia news station recently released footage of a robbery in progress at a local restaurant in West Philadelphia. Although the footage is not entirely clear in showing the suspect’s physical features for a solid identification, there was indeed a video in this case. Although perhaps increasingly rare with today’s technology, there are some… Read More »


Winter Dangers: Snow and Ice

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

According to various news outlets, including PennLive, we are in for a “snowier-than-normal” winter this year in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Some people love snow and cannot wait to make snowmen, snow angels, and more. Others simply wish that snow would disappear once and for all. Regardless of what category you fall in, snow… Read More »

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