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Allentown Dog Bite Attorney

Even the most loving and loyal of dogs can be aggressive at times, attacking and biting an unsuspecting victim. While the fact that dogs have the potential to be vicious does not mean that people should refrain from keeping them as pets, it does mean that exercising caution around unfamiliar animals is important; dogs can be dangerous.

At the law offices of van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin, our Allentown dog bite attorneys are advocates for dog bite victims who have suffered serious harm. If a dog has bitten you, our lawyers are here to help you understand your rights and your options moving forward.

Damages Caused by Dog Bites

There is no doubt that being attacked or bitten by a dog, even if physical injuries are not severe, can be terrifying. In fact, the attack alone may cause a lasting fear of dogs or have psychological implications, such as the development of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The physical injuries that result from a dog attack can be extremely concerning, too. Dog bite victims may suffer internal injuries, traumatic brain injuries (from being knocked down), bone fracture injuries, scratches, and bite wounds. Infection is also a concern.

If you have been attacked by a dog, you may be able to recover compensation for the full extent of your medical bills and other economic losses, such as lost wages, as well as compensation for your non-economic harm, such as the value of pain and suffering.

Who’s Liable for a Dog Bite Injury in Allentown?

In the majority of cases, the owner or keeper of the dog that bites another person is liable for the harm that results. While this rule is not found in Pennsylvania statute, this theory of strict liability has been established by court precedent. In order for an owner to be strictly liable, the victim must prove that they did not provoke the dog and were not trespassing on the owner’s property at time of bite. They need not, however, prove that the owner knew of the dog’s propensity for violence.

Victims may also file a common law claim against the dog owner that holds that the owner’s negligence was the cause of the bite. For example, if the owner knew that the dog was dangerous yet did nothing to restrain the dog or/and warn the victim, the owner may be held liable due to their failure to exercise a reasonable degree of care.

Our Allentown Dog Bite Attorneys Work for You

As soon as possible after suffering a dog bite or dog attack in Allentown, call our experienced dog bite attorneys. We can help you to prove the liability of the dog owner and disprove any claims that you were trespassing or provoking the dog at the time of attack. We also manage all elements of the claim process and represent you during negotiations for a settlement.

To schedule a free consultation with our law office today, please call us directly. You can also request more information by sending us a message. Your initial consultation is offered free of charge.

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