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Allentown Transit Accident Attorney

Mass transit systems do wonderful things for cities. Not only do they provide jobs for hundreds, but they are also relied on for transportation by millions of people per day. But if you’re someone who uses mass transit on your way to school, work, or to buy errands, the last thing that you’re probably worried about is being involved in a mass transit accident. Unfortunately, mass transit accidents have occurred in various cities throughout Pennsylvania and have the potential to be devastating. If you have been harmed in a mass transit crash, our Allentown transit accident attorneys are available to represent you in your claim for damages.

Types of Mass Transit Accidents

There are multiple different mass transit vehicles that are owned and operated by agencies like SEPTA (Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) and others. While each different type of accident is very unique both in its cause and the damages that result, our legal professionals have years of experience and are confident in our ability to represent victims of various mass transit accident types, including:

  • Bus accidents;
  • Trolley accidents;
  • Train, subway, and regional rail accidents; and
  • Ferry accidents.

We can represent you whether you are injured on a platform or on a mass transit vehicle; struck by a mass transit vehicle while acting as a pedestrian, cyclist, or motorcyclist; or if you were involved in an accident with a mass transit vehicle while operating a passenger car or acting as a passenger within a car.

Why You Need a Skilled and Aggressive Allentown Mass Transit Lawyer

 When mass transit accidents occur, the transit authority involved will likely want to settle the claim as quickly as possible and for as little as possible. In fact, if you are harmed, you may be surprised by how responsive the transit authority is in offering you a settlement; this is likely a tactic to get away with lowballing your claim. You should never accept a first settlement offer or fall victim to transit authority settlement tactics. To best protect yourself and maximize the amount of compensation available to you, you need a skilled attorney on your side who has gone up against transportation authorities and their insurers successfully in the past.

Our lawyers will not only evaluate and investigate your case but we will also work hard to determine the value of damages you have suffered and recover this amount on your behalf. We are familiar with all laws surrounding transit authorities and the claims process and we are skilled negotiators and litigators.

Call Our Law Office Today if in a Transit Accident

Transit accidents can be devastating and forever change the course of victims’ lives. If you are harmed in a transit accident in Allentown, our transit accident attorneys are here to provide you with the legal support and counsel you deserve. To schedule your free consultation please send us a message or call our Allentown location today.

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