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Think Before You Drive While Drowsy

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Sleep deprivation has become a widespread problem in our society. Lack of sleep has profound effects on our mind and body. Constant fatigue leaves our judgment cloudy. We have adjusted to performing everyday task without the proper rest our bodies require. In fact, driving drowsy poses the same dangers as driving while intoxicated, yet… Read More »


Preventing Nursing Home Neglect

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

We count on nursing home professionals to take care of our aging loved ones. We trust that they will provide proper care and fulfill their caregiver duties. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Nursing home residents can be victim to nursing home neglect. If you think your loved one has been a victim… Read More »


Four Things You Need to Know About Pennsylvania Drug Laws

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

A number of states have taken a more relaxed approach to the enforcement of certain drugs laws (e.g. Colorado and California legalizing the possession of marijuana). However, Pennsylvania has not embraced this trend. Under current state law, it remains against the law to be in possession drugs such as marijuana, opioids and methamphetamines. Below… Read More »


Difference Between Simple Assault and Aggravated Assault in Pennsylvania

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

One of the most common charges levied by Philadelphia police is assault. This is due to the extremely broad definition of assault and the number of different scenarios where assault may come into play. The most obvious example is a fist fight between two people. Other common scenarios involving alleged assault are altercations between… Read More »


Eight People Injured in South Philadelphia Car Accident

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

An SUV reportedly hopped a sidewalk and barreled towards a block party that was taking place South Ringgold Street. Eight people suffered injuries and had to be transported to the hospital, including a pregnant woman. The reckless driver reportedly told police that her brakes failed, but the video footage of the collision indicates otherwise…. Read More »


Deadly Hit-and-Run Accident on 67th Street in Southwest Philadelphia

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

When a vehicle collides with a pedestrian, it is usually the pedestrian that is left severely harmed with potentially life-threatening injuries. For example, the driver of a van was speeding on 67th Street when it hit a 57-year-old man who was crossing the street. If that was not bad enough, the negligent driver decided… Read More »


Understanding Pennsylvania Dog Bite Laws

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Injuries incurred from a dog bite can have significant lifelong emotional and physical damage. Often, the injured party will require medical attention and can even suffer severe injuries such as fractured bones and body disfigurement depending on the size and type of dog. The emotional suffering stemming from a dog bite incident can leave… Read More »


Not All Murder Charges Are the Same – Exploring Felony Murder

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

All murder is not the same. Murder is separated into different categories and the level of the charge determines the penalties. Retaining a murder defense attorney immediately after being charged can help minimize the potential maximum punishment. Murder is not as clear cut as people think. The different types of murder charges in Pennsylvania… Read More »


Texting While Driving: An Epidemic That is Occurring More Than Drinking and Driving

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Texting has become the most effective way to communicate for most people. It is rare to walk down the street and not see a person absorbed in their phone and completely oblivious to their surroundings. Texting while driving is even more dangerous and can lead to serious injury. The few seconds a person takes… Read More »


Shoplifting is Much More than a Harmless Offense

By The Law Offices of Michael T. Van Der Veen |

Shoplifting is a crime that is often seen as minor or harmless. Of course, this view changes tremendously when you are the person faced with shoplifting charges. You will not only face criminal charges but you can also be held civilly liable. Take these charges seriously because a shoplifting conviction can have a profound… Read More »

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