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Common Airbag Injuries


Airbags are quite effective. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, using an airbag, along with a shoulder belt, reduces the risk of death by 61 percent in frontal collisions. Using a seatbelt alone reduces the risk of death by 50 percent, while only using an airbag reduces the risk of fatality by 34 percent.

Unfortunately, airbags also come with their fair share of risk. They can cause a number of injuries, particularly if the product was defective. If you have suffered from any of the injuries below and believe they were due to a faulty airbag, call a product liability lawyer that can help you seek compensation to help with your recovery.


One of the most common types of injuries sustained by airbags are burns. Airbags cause burns in one of two ways. When they deploy, it happens very quickly and causes a lot of friction between the cushion and the skin, resulting in a burn. Airbags are also filled with chemicals that allow them to eject as quickly as they do. These chemicals can also irritate the skin and cause a burn.

Eye Injuries

Airbags are deployed with great force, which can hit the occupant of the car in the face, including the eyes. The most common eye injuries associated with airbags include abrasions, vitreous hemorrhages, hyphema, and detachment of the retina.

Abrasions and Bruises

Also due to the amount of force at which airbags deploy, the skin can easily become injured. As the airbag ejects, it hits the skin and can result in bruises, scrapes, abrasions, and irritation, particularly to the neck, face, and arms.

Hearing Loss

Most people think the force of airbags is the main cause of injuries. However, airbags are also very loud and can reach a sound level of 178 decibels. That amount of pressure is enough to result in permanent hearing loss for any occupant inside the vehicle.

Internal Injuries

The impact of the airbag against the body is so forceful that it can easily lead to internal damage. The most vulnerable organs to airbag deployment are the lungs, spleen, and heart. If immediate medical attention is not sought, these injuries can be fatal. Internal bleeding is also a risk when airbags deploy.

Head Injuries

Although airbags are supposed to prevent certain injuries, such as head injuries, they can actually cause them. Again due to the sudden impact, when an airbag strikes the head, it can result in catastrophic injuries.

Our Pennsylvania Product Liability Lawyers can Help with Your Case

If you have been injured by an airbag and you believe it was because the airbag was faulty, our Philadelphia product liability lawyers are here to help. At van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin, we know how to determine who was liable for your injuries, whether it was another driver or a faulty airbag, and hold them accountable. When you need compensation for your airbag injuries, call us at 215-515-6892 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help.


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