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Hunting Park Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Attorney

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van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin covers both personal injury and criminal matters in and around Philadelphia. Whatever your legal needs in Hunting Park or surrounding neighborhoods, we are committed to helping you. Contact our experienced Hunting Park personal injury & criminal defense attorneys today.

Hunting Park, PA is a historic neighborhood in Upper North Philadelphia. It extends from Glenwood Avenue to Wingohocking Street and from G Street to Old York Road. The neighborhood is greatly known for its park, appropriately named “Hunting Park.”

The park was once home to James Logan, who was secretary to William Penn, Pennsylvania’s English real estate pioneer. The estate, built in 1795, still somewhat stands today on the south- west corner of the park behind the giant oak tree. In 1815, 45 acres of the park were sold to make a race course. It contributed to comradery of the community, but unfortunately was short lived. By 1854, horse betting was outlawed in Philadelphia, which left the race course uninhibited. Residents fought to preserve the race track and by 1871 they received authorization to turn it into a community park. By 1937, Hunting Park had a music pavilion, tennis court, lake, and a carousel. A roadway had also been built connecting Fairmount Park and Hunting Park. The road was named Hunting Park Avenue and still stands today.

Today the community celebrates the multicultural heritage of its Latino, Puerto Rican, and African American residents, who dominate the neighborhood population. Like many Philadelphian neighborhoods, Hunting Park has recently seen a local increase in drug abuse and crime, but organizations like the “Friends of Hunting Park” and police cooperation have helped to deter criminal activities.

In addition to fighting criminal activities in and around the park, the residents of Hunting Park, PA are fighting to protect the environmental health of the community. In 1986, a company planned to open a facility to treat toxic wastes in the center of the neighborhood. The residents ensured the help of The Law Center to provide legal and technical assistance, as well as secure addition safeguards and citizen oversight of the facility’s emissions.

If that wasn’t bad enough, in 2001 a company dumped a 100-foot-tall mountain of demolition waste into the neighborhood, including by the park. While grinding the materials into cement, the company created a wave of debris and garbage that filled Hunting Park with hazardous air, outraging the residents. The threat of litigation by The Law Center convinced the company to transport the waste out of Hunting Park just two days later.

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