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Brian’s my go to lawyer from now on. He was always honest with us and very supportive. Our case was tricky and he handled it like a pro. Thank you for everything!
– Greg

Brian Hartshorn went above and beyond what he said he would do. He was able to settle for double the amount expected. I am grateful for the service provided by van der Veen O’Neil Hartshorn Levin and would recommend that you call Erica before you call another firm at 215- 515-6892. You will not be disappointed.
– Bron

I would highly recommend Brian Hartshorn as he is a fantastic personal injury lawyer. Brian is very friendly and easy to get in touch with when I hod a question about my case. Although the process was lengthy, Brian never lost hope that everything would work out in the end! Of course he was right and my case was resolved in my favor.
– Leigh

Mr. van der Veen is the best. He handled my case with extreme care and kept me informed and if anything went wrong he let me know. He gave me good advice and I love this company. They are professional and very courteous, awesome and terrific and they don’t leave you in the dark. They keep you informed. One of the best I would say or the best attorney in the city of Philadelphia. Thanks Mr van der Veen. – Loretta Young

Mr. van der Veen is beyond exceptional. With respect to my divorce he is/was extremely responsive to my communications, very understanding of my emotional perspective, and candid about the legal process and results. During our PFA court appearance, his professionalism and competence went unmatched by my wife’s team, and the judge awarded us the best case outcome. I trust Mr. van der Veen implicitly and highly recommend him.
– Anonymous

Micheal Adams and company was excellent in settling my case. I was a passenger in a hit and run accident and the insurance company wasn’t trying to pay. I received 4x the amount expected. They’re really good professional and care about their clients. – Anonymous

I would like to take a few moments to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for everything this law office has done for me. While paying keen attention to detail they have been diligent in recovering all information related to the case. I would like to thank Erica for her great personality and attentiveness when visiting the office; Mike and Dan for their relentless efforts to ensure no rock went unturned and extreme transparency when I would call in for status updates; and a special thanks to Mr. van der Veen for his wealth of knowledge and drive to make sure I received the justice due for my injuries. Mr. van der Veen’s personal attention and concern for my well being has been the focal point from the time I walked into the office. This effort will be something I will remember for life and will be sure to send referrals to the office in the future.– Kamerin Goins

Mr. van der Veen & his team stopped at nothing to make sure I got what I deserved. They were so kind, gave me all the information I needed and didn’t sugar coat anything! They told me like it was and that’s what made them the perfect legal team in my situation. I’ll forever be grateful for their hard work and dedication to my case. – Shannon Lavin

Very grateful for the work they did and very satisfied as they assisted us and gave us all the necessary information. – Maria Ramos

Mike, it is Jaime Vona. I got my check today from the National Paxil Birth Defect fund. Gianna’s money went into that trust until she is 24. But they gave me the 16k I fought for at the end and your fee that you so selflessly gave me. I wanted to thank you again and again. I can never tell you in words how much your love and support has helped me over the years. I promise to pay it forward one day when I am in a position to do so. And don’t you worry, I’ll get to the top sooner or later. I’m a fighter. I don’t give up. Thank you again. You are a God send. xoxo – Jaime Vona

My lawyer did a awesome job getting me a settlement. The defendants were trying to fight the case and van der Veen’s team didn’t back down. Thanks so much guys! Nessa is a great paralegal as well with a great personality and so understanding. – Anonymous

My lawyer Dan Devlin handled my case well. He kept in touch and made everything go well. -Joshlyn

Mr. Nelson was great very helpful. I had two cases with this law firm and won them both. Thanks again to the whole team. -David

Brian Hartshorn is an amazing attorney. -Nigeria Lewis

I was very pleased with the end result. You guys helped me understand the process of the laws governing PA law a lot better. I thank you for your time and consideration in my legal matters. Respectfully submitted. – Darryl Bell

MTV Law has been there from day one for accidents, criminal cases etc. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs legal assistance. -Tiffany Johnson

The van der Veen team treats you as family. We win together. You are not just a client, but a family member when you choose this office. -Antonio Walker

Five Stars -Mikey Dymnz

I would highly recommend Michael T. Van der Veen and his group of highly skilled attorneys. After an unfortunate experience with one of the “highly advertised” law firms, I switched to van der Veen, and it was like night and day. Very attentive, and got me a fair and timely settlement.-Terry Tio

I love this law firm, I highly recommend it!! Brian Hartshorn is the best lawyer ever. He gets the job done!!!-Yasmin Garcia

Me sentí extremadamente satisfecho con los servicios prestados por Francis O’Neill y Samantha Serrano. Nunca me pusieron un pero y buscaron solución para todo. Recomendaría esta firma en el futuro.-Ivette Cruz

I had the opportunity to retain this firm for my 2018 accident. The steps that were taken from start to finish were second to none. I want to say thanks to Earl, Malikah and Mark in the PIP department. Nelson I want to give you a special shout out for being on top of my case. Thank you MTV Law once again. V is for VICTORY. -Robert Harris

The whole staff is truly awesome and efficient! -Felicia McDaniel

I have known Mike for many years and always turn to him and this firm for anything I need handled. I have and will continue to refer anyone looking for legal help. – Tanya Lee

They are great! Joe Capone and Dan Devlin are the best Lawyers in Philadelphia. They help their clients in the best way they can. I recommend van der Veen, O’Neill, Hartshorn, and Levin if you have an accident as you will walk out happy. Thank you Joe and thank you Dan. – Selajdin Vila

Hands down the best in town! If you are seeking counsel I highly recommend Michael van der Veen and his team. Thank you again! – Brandon

Brian has been phenomenal to work with. He has been excellent in following up and resolving my case in a timely manner. Brian is also personable and takes ownship of your case. You will want Brian in your corner! – Richard Kauker

I was extremely pleased through every step of the process while my case was being handled. Everyone was kind, courteous and considerate with any request I made as well as my time promptly answering any phone calls or emails. I’m especially grateful that Samantha Serrano was part of this entire process because she was there to make sure that all communication between myself and the attorneys went smoothly. I would without a doubt 100% recommend this Law Firm to anyone who wants lawyers and staff that really care about their best interest. -Norberto Baez

Great team of people…they get the job done! -Marquese Justice

Micheal Adams and company was excellent in settling my case. I was a passenger in a hit and run accident and the insurance company wasn’t trying to pay. I received 4x the amount expected. They’re really good professional and care about their clients -Gerald Terry

Richard Coble did a marvelous job on getting in and getting work done at Court, and helped dismiss my charges completely. -Spencer Sigmon

Mike van der Veen will go out of his way for you, answer your calls or emails right away and most importantly he will fight for you. I used him 22 years ago and than again recently. He was intelligent, sharp, and respected back then and even more so today. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Mike and Grant too!! -Jaime Vona

Highly recommend this law firm.
The staff of this firm worked hard to bring this difficult case to a satisfactory settlement. The end result exceeded our expectations.-John

Very thankful for all their hard work, they will fight for you and get you what you deserve!!!! Thankful for Kelly and Micheal with keeping us updated on the status of our case. Very efficient! Very easy to reach! Returned phone calls/emails in a timely fashion. I will definitely recommend them to whoever is in need of a lawyer! -Bianca Rivera (10/11/18)

This lawyer is fast and gets you big money I wasn’t expecting this much – Alyssia Arrington (10/5/18)

Going with this law firm for my auto accident case was the best advice Mr. Branker gave me. I’m was very impressed with my results and the way they handled my case and me. GREAT -Ant Fair

Great Service. They got everything taking care of and a fair amount of time. They kept me updated on my case. Someone was willing to come to my house and start up my case. Great service overall. I will recommend someone to them. Thanks. -Herby Desrosiers (Google)

Best Lawyers Ever… I had Mr. FranO’Neil and trust me he does exactly what he says he will do.. And has a very sweet nature about him with a kind heart…. And also handsome as well.. The office has a very historical and beautiful setting.. And trust me they “Win” cases here.. So I recommend all to use & hire this law firm if you want actual results & not just chit chatter… -Mia Dimplez (8/24/18)

It has been a real pleasure to work with Mr. van der Veen and his team. They really care not only about the case and the legal issues, but also and mainly about the person. The legal work is excellent and the result in our case was simply outstanding! I highly recommend Mr. van der Veen, his legal team and the law firm!!!-Nadia Hristova (8/23/18)

Mike and team provide exceptional service and did a great job for us but what makes them stand out is that they care about their clients. The office team is warm, personable and inviting. The knowledge of the attorneys and associates is outstanding. The attorneys are driven and provide top notch legal services across a number of practice areas. They are honest and up front with their clients. My experience with this law firm was exceptional and I would definitely recommend them. -Monica Buccieri (Google – 8/22/2018)

Everyone at the law office was extremely accommodating. They did an excellent job from start to finish! Thank you Fran and Mike for doing such an excellent job. -Gianna Maniscalco (Google – June 2 2018)

van der Veen and Associates are classical lawyers who do everything in the best interest of their clients. They are sincere about everything they do for their clients. I am more than willing to recommend them to anyone in need of honest and professional lawyers-Jeremiah Bona (Google – 6/8/2018)

A caring & about business group! Very considerate & professional…excellent team of attorneys!-Jeremiah Ortiz (Google – 6/7/18)

From the time I called mr Francis O’neil’s office they treated me with nothing but kindness. They were very professional and answered all the questions I had. When I called them with questions or concerns they reassured me that everything would work out and it did. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone. Thank you again for everything you guys have done for me.-Donna Hicks (Google)

Fran O’Neill is an incredible attorney! I found myself in a precarious situation last year (wrong place, wrong time) and thought that I would have to face serious penalties. Fran gave me the right advise from day one, and he was a master in the courtroom. ALL charges dropped! The outcome that Fran O’Neill and his firm brought me was better than what I considered to be the best case scenario going into court. I strongly recommend all of my friends and family to contact Fran O’Neill and the Law Offices of Michael T. van der Veen first when seeking legal help!-Angelo Louridas (Google)

The Law of Office of Michael Van Der Veen was very helpful. Everything ran smoothly and my case was done in a reasonable time. I would like to thank everyone who helped and made sure i was well taken care of. I would like to give a special shoutout to Michael J. Adams for taking care of things when needed to be done. Again thank you!!!-David Cruz (Facebook)

I really love this firm really has helped me in my time of needs, their always available when i have questions and concerns thank you all for such great work.-Yanery Lopez (Facebook)

I love this firm they are so respectful and care about you…they keep you informed on how things are going and if it’s something that they can’t handle they will let you know up front they don’t waste your time on hopes their one of the best firms ever especially Mr. Michael Van super lawyer-Loretta Young (Facebook)

This is my second experience using Vanderveen and i am so happy i did! Very happy with how they handled my case! They fight hard for u and always get the best results!!-Lashanna Lee-Scott (Avvo)

On July 11th of 2015 I was involved in a car accident where I was a sleeping passanger coming from a party, causing my foot to be broken in about 10 places my pelvis being broken in 2 my lungs collapsing and several lacerations. All of this while 13weeks pregnant. I didn’t know where to turn until a friend gave me a number and said “hey check out this lawyer”. I did just that and even though the process was long, which I expected it was the best decision I made in a long time! Mr. Hartshorn assured me this would be a tough case based upon the fact that I was sleep during the time but he fought and he fought hard. From constantly calling and informing me of each and everything that was going on, to even when some not so good came in. The defendants lawyer called and asked for us to settle out, but neither Mr Hartshorn nor myself was having that. We took it to trial. he prepared both himself and me as we went in with our heads held high. At the end we won! I have to thank Mr Hartshorn and his team for everything they have done for not only me but my family as well. I could not have picked a better lawyer! Thank you all so very much on a scale of 1 to 10 you guys are a 100! Thanks again.-Deasia Clegg (Avvo)

Brian did an amazing job. In my case he went above and beyond. I was ready to give up I had no hope but He told me to trust him I did I am a very happy client. If you got a no somewhere else this where you come and get your yes! I will definitely use him in the future if I need to. – Ivona

I had a wonderful experience with the van der Veen law firm .. Everyone made sure I was feeling ok. They made me feel like family and I never had to worry.. Earl Brewer provided me help every step of the way. He is very understanding and I’m gratetful for him.. Thank you all for your great help and support.. – Kyle Hughes

I’m very appreciative of the Firms’ support and guidance in the follow-up to a traumatic experience. I felt safe and confident in their abilities to help me navigate the complexities of the circumstance. I’m grateful for the just outcome attained in the end. – Janira Bremner

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