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Attorney van der Veen Fights the Odds to Win a $31.5 Million Judgment

A young newlywed, Jesse Darwish was catastrophically injured over a July 4th holiday weekend when an uninsured driver negligently turned left in front of Jesse’s motorcycle causing an accident. Despite his helmet, Jesse’s injuries were devastating. Rushed to the hospital, Jesse was in surgery for 12 hours in an effort to save his life. The surgeons removed part of Jesse’s skull to relieve the pressure on his brain and he was in a coma for two weeks attached to a breathing machine.

Jesse Darwish spent over five months in the hospital and was diagnosed with multiple significant and permanent injuries, the most serious of which is a traumatic brain injury that has left him with cognitive deficits and quadriplegia, unable to move his arms and legs for the rest of his life.

During the time Jesse was in the hospital, his family contacted attorney Michael van der Veen seeking his help. van der Veen explained that because the driver who caused the accident was not insured, the chance of recovering any money for Jesse was extremely limited unless this driver had some money or assets. The guilty driver had few. Nevertheless, van der Veen agreed to help the family. He pursued the hospital to improve Jesse’s care, and then filed a lawsuit on Jesse’s behalf against the driver who caused the accident.

Ultimately, van der Veen secured a $31.5 million judgment for Jesse’s against the other driver. The next challenge then became for van der Veen to collect money for Jesse. To collect on the judgment, van der Veen immediately initiated a search for any available assets like bank accounts, real estate or any other property titled in the name of the defendant. After seizing what was available, van der Veen did not stop his efforts. He continues his relentless pursuit of the defendant by performing frequent searches and inquiries for any available funds to force him satisfy the full judgment amount. If this defendant acquires any money or property, van der Veen will be there to claim it as compensation for Jesse.

In the meantime, Jesse and his family are not alone. They are reassured that they will always have their lawyer by their side, working vigilantly to protect their interests. They know that Michael van der Veen is someone they can turn to, no matter the odds.

* Not his real name.

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