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Philadelphia Criminal Attorney > Results > van der Veen Wins $1M for Woman Injured By a Cable Company Truck

van der Veen Wins $1M for Woman Injured By a Cable Company Truck

What is my case worth? That is the question nearly every person injured in an accident will ask at some point. While the answer is complicated and depends on a number of factors that differ in nearly every case, an experienced and effective attorney will know how to evaluate and prosecute even the most complicated case.

Settling a personal injury case does not involve guesswork, but rather the ability to interpret the specifics of a given case using years of prior experience along with the opinions and input of proven experts. Obtaining a settlement offer worthy of consideration also requires the confidence to stick to a supportable position or strategy.

Victoria King, a 39 year old mother of two, was driving home after work one October evening when a cable company van ran a red light at an intersection and crashed into the passenger side of Victoria’s car. The force of the impact caused her car to spin around before it finally came to a stop. Victoria was transported by ambulance from the crash scene to the hospital where she complained of injuries to her head, neck, ribs, knee and back. After examination, she was prescribed some medication and released with instructions to follow up with her family doctor. Victoria saw her family doctor two days later who diagnosed various strains and sprains.

Unfortunately, Victoria’s injuries were not limited to sprains and strains. Further testing based on her continued complaints of serious pain, headaches and numbness revealed that Victoria suffered from a number of herniated disks in her neck and back. Her course of treatment lasted more than three years. Victoria first received a series of cervical epidural steroid injections and cervical nerve blocks, which failed to provide relief.

Sixteen months after the accident and after exhausting all other options, Victoria underwent a surgical fusion of the vertebrae in her neck. This surgical procedure required the doctors to make an incision down the front of Victoria’s neck, leaving her with a prominent scar.

Following her surgery, Victoria’s condition improved, but she continued to have pain, numbness and headaches. She was prescribed pain management medications and injections, but that relief was temporary and incomplete. After three years of treatment, it was concluded that Victoria’s injuries were permanent. Faced with ongoing pain, physical limitations and the real prospect of losing her job due to her injuries, attorney van der Veen needed to get Victoria more than the limited compensation the other driver’s insurance company was offering.

Van der Veen and his experts had analyzed the case thoroughly. He knew how much Victoria would need to compensate her for wage loss and he understood the full extent of Victoria’s medical condition, including her pain and suffering. He wanted to recover $1M for his client, but the other side would not budge, until van der Veen brought out the photographs and a plastic surgery expert. It was the surgical scars on Victoria’s neck and van der Veen’s persuasiveness that made the difference and tipped the scales in her favor. The insurance company relented and paid the $1M that van der Veen sought.

Ultimately, plastic surgery would improve her scar, and the settlement award would properly compensate Victoria for the injuries she suffered. The key, however, was having an attorney who understood the true value of the case, and also how to effectively present the evidence to force the responsible party to pay for the damages they caused.

* Not her real name.

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