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Carbon Dioxide Poisoning From Keyless Cars

October 04, 2018

By van der Veen, Hartshorn, Levin & Lindheim

How often is the potential danger of an activity outweighed by its convenience? In the case of driving, the answer is often, given the fact that driving is so dangerous yet easy to do. In fact, driving is statistically the most dangerous activity that the average person does on a regular basis. However, one would not expect that danger to transfer over to when a car is parked, as is the case described below. The convenience of keyless cars is killing dozens of Americans across the country.

Dozens Killed From Accidentally Leaving Their Cars on Overnight

Over two dozen people have recently been killed by parked keyless cars, according to the New York Times. When they pull into their garages, they leave their cars on accidentally, which floods their garages with carbon monoxide. That carbon monoxide seeps into their homes, and kills them in their sleep. This tragic accident could begin to happen more frequently, as now more than half of all new cars come with the keyless ignition feature. For most people, sticking a key into the ignition to turn it on, then pulling it out to turn the car off, has been etched into their brains for decades. Since the key fob is never inserted into the car, there is nothing for them to take out when they reach their destination. This motor memory is now a cause for serious concern for those who park their cars in garages attached to their homes. Because motors are now quieter than in the past, it only adds to the potential danger of not realizing that the car is not turned off.

What Are Car Companies Doing in Response to These Fatalities?

Safeguards have been put in more recently made vehicles. For instance, Ford claims that now if the engine is left idling for more than a half hour without the key fob inside the vehicle, the engine shuts off. Not all car owners have this safeguard though, and when they or others get injured due to a dangerous or defective feature, they have the right to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Car manufacturers are being held responsible for their dangerous keyless cars by class action and personal lawsuits. Were you injured, or was a loved one killed, in such an accident?

Contact a Philadelphia Dangerous Product Attorney Today

Autos Cheat Sheet lists a keyless ignition as an unnecessary by incredibly convenient car feature right up there with having a car outfitted with bluetooth, a refrigerator, ventilated seats, and massage seats. These, and other, unnecessary car features may be great selling points, but many of them cause fatal distractions, burns, or other hazards that a car would otherwise not have. Keyless ignition is just one of many types of defective products that your vehicle may have. If you were injured by such a defective product or feature, you need to call the experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorneys of van der Veen, Hartshorn, Levin & Lindheim today for assistance.



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