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van der Veen, Hartshorn and Levin offers tremendous personal injury experience. Our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys do not simply represent injured clients—we work tirelessly, around-the-clock, to recover maximum compensation on your behalf. With more than $100 million in settlements and verdicts, we are one of the premier Philadelphia personal injury attorneys.

Helping victims seek maximum compensation for accident injuries

Motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence on Pennsylvania roads. Thousands of people are injured each year and left with devastating damage to property and person. The acclaimed personal injury attorneys at van der Veen, Hartshorn and Levin cover a wide array of motor vehicle accidents, including those involving:

  • Automobiles—Car accidents are common, but their frequency does not mean they are not deadly. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, having the right attorney by your side makes all the difference in your recovery. We go beyond just making sure that you recover everything you need to get back on your feet. By serving as your trusted counselor in many aspects of your life, we keep you strong and positive and on the road to recovery.
  • Commercial trucks—Tractor trailers and other commercial trucks cause extensive injuries when these vehicles are involved in a crash. Some truck accident victims lose their lives. If you were injured, or lost a loved one at the hands of a negligent commercial truck driver, trust us to be your dedicated, aggressive advocate both in and out of the courtroom. We welcome the opportunity to stand up to the trucking industry and have a long history of impressive settlements and verdicts to prove it. Attorney van der Veen has fought for and won historic verdicts in cases against commercial trucking companies. In one such case, after 4 days in trial, he won a $10 million settlement against a national trucking company who injured a little boy. Originally, there was no settlement offer. We will never settle for the minimum, we always fight for the maximum.
  • Motorcycles—The extensive injuries that often result from motorcycle crashes make these cases particularly difficult. Securing a fair settlement is essential for moving forward with your life. Backed by a history of substantial settlements and verdicts, we know what it takes to successfully recover for motorcycle accident victims.

Helping injured accident victims is attorney van der Veen’s life’s work, therefore, he is relentless in his pursuit of justice for accident victims, and never settles for second best.

Recognized throughout Pennsylvania for complex personal injury disputes

Backed by more than two decades of notable, high-profile experience and impressive case results, our firm is widely recognized around the state for handling all types of personal injury cases:

  • Slip and fall—Slip and falls can occur on sidewalks, stairs, and floors on both public and private properties. While common accidents, they often result in severe injuries and property owners bear responsibility.
  • Product liability— Whether a child’s toy or pharmaceuticals, defective products can seriously injure users. Those who make and manufacture defective products must be held accountable.
  • Nursing home negligence and abuse—If an elderly family member is being denied medication, not receiving necessary care, or has been a victim of abuse while in the care of a nursing home, you can pursue a legal action against the facility’s staff and operators.
  • Premises liability—Premises liability matters include slip and falls, assaults enabled by inadequate security, or accidents with falling objects. The owners of the property on which these incidents occur may be held liable for injuries that result from these accidents.
  • Dog bites—The owner of a dog bears substantial responsibility for harm resulting from a bite. Compensation for medical bills, time out of work, and pain and suffering can be secured through a personal injury action.
  • Dram shop—A drunk driver may not be the only party responsible for injuries sustained in a drunk-driving accident. Establishments that served alcohol to a driver may also be responsible under Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop laws.

If you have been injured, as your Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, we help you seek compensation from responsible parties.

Our attorneys are known for their uncompromising desire to help injured victims and right the wrongs caused by negligent parties. We fight for accident victims. Let our law firm give you the strength you need until you are back on your feet.

Bringing more than experience to personal injury clients

Many personal injury firms simply turn out case after case, and client after client. van der Veen, Hartshorn and Levin are different. Through a personal approach to each client, we guarantee that you will have a unique client experience. We take a holistic approach and counsel clients in every aspect of life in order to strengthen your mind, body and spirit so you can weather the legal storm of a personal injury case.

  • Experience—Whether pursuing a pretrial settlement or representing you in litigation, Mr. van der Veen uses his extensive knowledge of the law and dogged determination to help you recover maximum compensation for your injuries. As an old-style Philadelphia lawyer, he puts his decades of experience to work for clients all day, every day.
  • History of success—Mr. van der Veen’s experience is matched by notable, high-profile successes in both criminal defense and civil litigation. He has secured sizeable settlements and verdicts, helped victims seek accountability, and delivered legal successes to clients around the state. Among his more than $100 million in settlements are a number of historic, law-changing verdicts.
  • Direct communication—Mr. van der Veen and and his colleagues take a personal interest in your case—a practice that is rare among law firms today. We meet directly with you, one-on-one, to discuss your case, never passing you to administrative assistants or paralegals. This allows us to develop the most successful legal strategy given the unique circumstances of your case.
  • Client dedication—Because helping people is Mr. van der Veen’s passion, not just his profession, he works around the clock on client issues and concerns. Through a rare and compassionate approach to handling personal injury disputes, our attorneys help clients rebuild and strengthen their lives in areas beyond the courtroom.

Do not wait to begin your recovery. Schedule a free initial consultation with a formidable Philadelphia injury attorney today.

No matter the injury, van der Veen, Hartshorn and Levin can help. Our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys offer free consultations to all clients, and are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients in or near Philadelphia can visit the firm’s downtown office, close to City Hall and easily accessible by public transportation.

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Notable Case Results

Always Pursing the Best Possible Outcome
  • Motorcycle Accident $35.1 Million
  • Truck Accident $10 Million
  • Bicycle Accident $4.8 Million
  • Truck Accident $4.3 Million
  • Truck Accident $3.3 Million
  • Pedestrian Accident $2.4 Million
  • Car Accident $1.7 Million
  • Car Accident by Drunk Driver $1.4 Million
  • Premises Liability $1.3 Million
  • Assault by Club Employee $1 Million

In the Media

Throughout the years, our firm and our individual attorneys have been recognized in both local and national media for our extensive legal knowledge, experience, and record of success. Our attorneys frequently appear in the media to provide insights and information on various legal matters, including high-profile cases.

Choosing the Right Firm Can Make All the Difference

  • Unrivaled Record of Success
    We have won tens of millions of dollars for injured victims, and have achieved countless "not guilty" verdicts for clients faced with criminal charges.
  • No Challenge too Big
    Our firm has handled some of the biggest cases in country, including representing the President of the United States.
  • Personalized Representation

    We understand that every case is unique. Therefore, we tailor our approach based on the facts of the case and the needs of our client. 

  • Uncompromising Passion
    Our competitive nature is one of our strongest qualities. You can be confident that no other firm will outwork our team.
  • Holistic Approach
    Not only do we want to excel legally for the client, but we also want to make sure we are strengthening their mind, body and spirt.
  • Supporting the Community
    Our team engages in many community events and regularly donates time and resources to many charitable organizations in Philadelphia.
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