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  • Dismissal of a federal antitrust
    bid-rigging suit for a corporate client
  • Dismissal of a federal antitrust
    bid-rigging suit for a corporate client
Philadelphia's Foremost Personal Injury & Criminal Attorneys
with Decades of Case Success

Philadelphia Personal Injury & Criminal Attorney

van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin is widely recognized for maintaining a uniquely broad practice covering both personal injury and criminal matters. Catering to clients facing criminal charges, and those who have been injured through no fault of their own, van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin is the only law firm that you and your family need, no matter what civil or criminal matter you may encounter. Our firm also serves small businesses, guiding business owners through common legal issues. Whatever your legal needs, look no further for staunch legal representation and compassionate advocacy. This is our commitment to you.

As the only firm in the area handling both personal injury and criminal defense cases, we go beyond simply winning for clients. Serving as a voice for the injured and standing up for the rights of the accused is our personal duty, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Every client is critically important and we live to win. We will not settle for the minimum, we always fight for the best possible result for every client, contact our Philadelphia criminal attorneys today.

Effective Personal Injury Attorney

One of the most common reasons why people need a Philadelphia personal injury attorney is because they have sustained an injury through no fault of their own. Whether a motor vehicle crash, faulty product, or unsafe premises, personal injury matters are as diverse as the clients who seek legal help in these cases. Unfortunately, many attorneys assume that these cases are routine. In fact, only a practice-proven personal injury attorney with years of experience and legal savvy can successfully handle these complicated issues.

Top Notch Criminal Defense Attorney

Trust Philadelphia’s toughest, hardest-working attorney to defend your freedom and your future. Criminal charges are serious. A conviction forever affects your reputation and your freedom. The criminal defense practice at van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin is built on the understanding that everyone is entitled to a zealous defense, no matter what the issue. Whether a DUI offense, white collar crime, or sex offense, the Philadelphia criminal attorneys at van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin promise you discretion and relentless representation. We will fight tirelessly to minimize the negative consequences of a criminal charge. If you are facing criminal charges, our firm is your best defense. Mr. van der Veen is one of the toughest, hardest-working attorneys in Philadelphia, with a long and impressive track record of success. When your future and your freedom hangs in the balance, he is the Philadelphia criminal attorney you need on your side.

Serious crimes necessitate a relentless, savvy defense attorney

The circumstances of each criminal case are different, making these matters particularly complex. Attorney van der Veen started his career as a criminal defense lawyer in Chicago, handling drug cases with national attention. Through these cases, he was instrumental in changing the law, and decriminalizing needle possession, thus reducing the spread of AIDS. Having built his reputation on notable wins in high-stakes, high-profile criminal matters, he handles the most complicated, serious criminal cases, including:

  • Murder—The stakes cannot be higher than they are in a murder case. A conviction can result in life imprisonment or death. In these very difficult cases, it is essential to have a dedicated and experienced legal advocate on your side. Our law firm offers the innovative, winning defense strategy you need and our Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys are not afraid to aggressively defend you in court if necessary.
  • Assault—Some assault offenses are more serious than others, but any conviction negatively impacts your life. As an acclaimed Philadelphia criminal defense attorney, Mr. van der Veen takes the time necessary to understand your case and develop a winning strategy, tailored to the specific circumstances of your situation.
  • Sex crimes—Sex offenses are sensitive matters. These charges necessitate a compassionate but committed representation. Our criminal defense attorneys welcome the opportunity to stand up for those accused of rape, sexual assault, and related crimes. If you are facing sex-related charges, don’t wait another minute and sacrifice your future. Contact us today for vigorous representation. Protecting your rights, your reputation and your future is our goal.
  • DUI—Driving Under the Influence charges can substantially affect your life. Whether this is your first DUI or you have multiple convictions, we work unrelentingly to defend you.
  • Drug offenses—Law enforcement is aggressive in pursuing offenses for possession, manufacturing, or trafficking of controlled substances. It is important, therefore, to have an attorney who is equally aggressive in defending you. Attorney van der Veen is well-known as being the most aggressive attorney in Philadelphia.
  • Arson—In addition to substantial monetary penalties, an arson conviction may send you to jail. Individuals charged with arson may also be facing additional criminal charges, including murder, if people were injured in the fire. A serious crime necessitates a serious criminal defense attorney.

No matter the charges you are facing, our legal team will leverage the facts and circumstances in your case to create a solid defense strategy. Furthermore, we offer clients a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere in which to pursue their case. Our intention is never to judge, only to provide an unwavering defense. Lean on our attorneys to stand up and fight for you when it matters most.

Sophisticated internet crime attorney tapped into the latest case strategies and defenses

Crimes involving the internet are relatively new and are governed by laws that change with evolving technology. Staying abreast of these advances is essential to appropriately handle these legal issues. Clients trust our firm to always be on top of the latest defenses and winning strategies in complicated internet crimes:

  • Theft—Theft offenses are diverse and include identity theft, bank theft, and credit card theft. Because many theft charges arise from misunderstandings, it is important to have an attorney who understands how to leverage the facts to serve in your defense.
  • Possession of child pornography—Having child pornography on your computer can result in a serious criminal charge. Attorney van der Veen has extensive experience handling child pornography cases and is considered a well-versed Pennsylvania internet crimes attorney who can defend you against these sensitive allegations.
  • Forgery—Forgery charges range in seriousness depending on the documents that were allegedly forged. Complicated electronic evidence can make or break your defense, so having a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side is a must.

The internet is expansive and so are our law firm’s criminal defense capabilities. Mr. van der Veen began his legal career handling a sensitive and evolving area of criminal law, an experience that drove him to excel in other sophisticated criminal issues. In internet crimes cases, we act as a trustworthy legal advocate for those in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.

Businesses and employees alike require a sophisticated white collar criminal defense attorney

The regulatory maze governing corporate industries is extremely complex. Aggressive federal and state laws have resulted in increased criminal investigations and charges. It takes an experienced Pennsylvania criminal attorney to proficiently navigate these rules and regulations. With your professional reputation on the line, in addition to potential fines and jail time, you cannot rely on second-tier representation. As a reputable Pennsylvania Super Lawyer for 10 years consecutive running, attorney van der Veen provides first-rate criminal defense in white collar crime cases, including:

  • Fraud including banking, insurance, government, and health care
  • Bribery implicating money, services, and valuable information
  • Corporate embezzlement and related theft charges

Contact Our Experienced Philadelphia Criminal & Personal Injury Attorneys Today

Contact one of our Philadelphia criminal attorneys today online or by phone to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss a strategic defense in your case. If you are detained, call 215-515-6892. We are available to you at any hour of the day.

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Five Star Reviews
"My experience with the entire team was nothing but great!" Eron Towns

My experience with the entire team was nothing but great! The full team Erica, Neysa and Brian were all very pleasant and professional! They kept me up to date and walked me through the entire process. Everyone there made sure I was comfortable and knowledgeable with my case ensuring that...

"Very satisfied" Maria Ramos

Very grateful for the work they did and very satisfied as they assisted us and gave us all the necessary information.

"You will not be disappointed!" Jaime Vona
November 2018

Mike van der Veen will go out of his way for you, answer your calls or emails right away and most importantly he will fight for you. I used him 22 years ago and than again recently. He was intelligent, sharp, and respected back then and even more so today....

"They are the best at every case" Rahil Brahmbhatt

One of the best lawyers in Pennsylvania with amazing knowledge and decades of experience. They are the best at every case. It is a good thing they will listen to your case and give you the right suggestion and always try their best to help you. Michael van der Veen...

"My experience was great" Alma Wright

My experience was great from the beginning to the end. Everyone treated me like someone special. I would recommend their service to anyone. They helped other members of my family and they were also pleased with their service.

"I would highly recommend to anyone" Anonymous

Exceptional service!!!! Highest level of professionalism and personal service you could ever expect. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking legal advice to at least speak with them first. I felt so comfortable after our first conversation that I knew I was in good hands.

"Michael T. van der Veen is an exceptional lawyer " Carmen Rivera

Michael T. van der Veen is an exceptional lawyer that I greatly trust. He has work on many cases through many years. His team is greatly appreciated and I know this firm deserves the best. I will recommend this firm to anyone who needs their service. Thank you Michael. The...

"Very professional" Maria Andrews

Very professional, polite and helpful. Will recommend to anyone and everyone.

"He gets the job done" Wayne Kirby

Richard Coble is a good lawyer and he gets the job done.

"Best Lawyer Ever" Yasmin Garcia

I love this law firm, I highly recommend it!! Brian Hartshorn is the best lawyer ever. He gets the job done!!!

"A God Send" Jaime Vona

Mike, it is Jaime Vona. I got my check today from the National Paxil Birth Defect fund. Gianna's money went into that trust until she is 24. But they gave me the 16k I fought for at the end and your fee that you so selflessly gave me. I wanted...

"When hiring a lawyer you want one that is all in" Betty Jeanne Adams Maddocks

When hiring a lawyer you want one that is all in. This firm goes beyond all in. They put their heart and soul into the case and into you as a person. I highly recommend them. You won’t be disappointed!

"I highly recommend him if your looking for justice" Matt Swisher

Micheal van der Veen was my attorney and he did an outstanding job on my case picked up anytime I called. He really listens and cares about your situation no matter how big or small and also makes you feel right at home when your in his office. He doesn’t...

"Beyond Exceptional" Anonymous

Mr. van der Veen is beyond exceptional. With respect to my divorce he is/was extremely responsive to my communications, very understanding of my emotional perspective, and candid about the legal process and results. During our PFA court appearance, his professionalism and competence went unmatched by my wife’s team, and the...

"El trabajo q hacen son maravilloso" Keyla

Yo tenido un placer en estar en la officina y los empleados son amables y el trabajo q hacen son maravilloso.

"They are honest and look out for your best interest" Paula Jimenez

All the associates and lawyers are great. They keep you updated at all times. They follow up with you via calls and emails. They are honest and look out for your best interest. Thank you for fighting and guiding me trough the process. I will definitely recommend them without a...

"Brian never lost hope that everything would work out" Leigh

I would highly recommend Brian Hartshorn as he is a fantastic personal injury lawyer. Brian is very friendly and easy to get in touch with when I hod a question about my case. Although the process was lengthy, Brian never lost hope that everything would work out in the end!...

"Great lawyer" Benjamin Gale

"Highly skilled attorneys" Terry Tio

I would highly recommend Michael T. Van der Veen and his group of highly skilled attorneys. After an unfortunate experience with one of the "highly advertised" law firms, I switched to van der Veen, and it was like night and day. Very attentive, and got me a fair...

"Brian Hartshorn went above and beyond" Bron

Brian Hartshorn went above and beyond what he said he would do. He was able to settle for double the amount expected. I am grateful for the service provided by van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin and would recommend that you call Erica before you call another firm at 215-...

"I recommend them" Dubb R

My experience was awesome from the time I first walked in the door and they been there every step of the way. I recommend them.

"This law firm fights to get every penny you deserve and then some!" Kenn Roberts

This law firm fights to get every penny you deserve and then some! Michael van der Veen and his team knows how to be the advocate for you when your life is at its worst. You guys are the best!

"Simply Outstanding!" Posted by Nadia Hristova
August 2018

It has been a real pleasure to work with Mr. van der Veen and his team. They really care not only about the case and the legal issues, but also and mainly about the person. The legal work is excellent and the result in our case was simply outstanding!

"Wonderful experience with this law firm" Amanda Adams

Wonderful experience with this law firm after getting hit last summer. The whole staff is on top of things and communicates great-special shoutout to Erica-who always answers phone calls with a smile, Marcus-who came to me after the accident for intake, and the attorney Brian who handled my case and...

"Thank You!!!" Posted by David Cruz

The Law of Office of Michael Van Der Veen was very helpful. Everything ran smoothly and my case was done in a reasonable time. I would like to thank everyone who helped and made sure i was well taken care of.

September 2018

Brian did an amazing job. In my case he went above and beyond. I was ready to give up I had no hope but He told me to trust him I did I am a very happy client. If you got a no somewhere else this where you come and...

"Extremely Accomodating" Posted by Gianna Maniscalco
June 2018

Everyone at the law office was extremely accommodating. They did an excellent job from start to finish! Thank you Mike for doing such an excellent job.

"5 Stars" Nassiah Sparks

"Extremely Pleased" Norberto Baez

I was extremely pleased through every step of the process while my case was being handled. Everyone was kind, courteous and considerate with any request I made as well as my time promptly answering any phone calls or emails.

"Good lawyers" Nichole

Good lawyers. The lawyers and people were very nice. They answered all my questions. Told me everything I had to do and how long I would be waiting. I would recommend these lawyers to mt family and friends.

"Definitely would recommend to anyone" Angie Ramos

Great office staff, extremely helpful. The office is beautiful! Definitely would recommend to anyone in need of an attorney.

"Helped when needed" Charles Harper

Very business oriented and helped when needed.

"Great experience" Nakeesha Smalls

Great experience and friendly group of people.

"Richard Coble was very professional" James Pagano

My lawyer Richard Coble was very professional and helped me through a difficult situation. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer and the office was very nice and everyone was helpful.

"They went out of their way to get me a nice bit of compensation" Iris Murdoch

This was the only firm who listened to my personal injury case long enough to determine that I actually was entitled to a settlement. They went out of their way to get me a nice bit of compensation.

"5 stars" Sharita Gilliard

"Amazing attorney" Nigeria Lewis

Brian Hartshorn is an amazing attorney.

"5 Stars" Dierah Johns

"Definitely would recommend them." Whitne Smith

I had a great experience with them. They made sure they stayed in contact with me even with a new number. They were very helpful and got me a settlement quick. Definitely would recommend them.

"Beyond great" D.Bell

The man is beyond great. I have had enough good and bad to know over the years. He and only two others in his league in 30 years. He is professional, suave, ethical and down to earth. He can make a phone call and poof! Magical touch. Amazing! He represented...

"Very professional" Rob Thompson

Very good lawyers and very professional.

"I will continue to recommend friends and family" Kevin Robertson

These guys are the dream team of Philadelphia. I've had 2 injury cases taken care of by these guys and the end result was exactly what I was promised. I thank god for having such efficient attorneys. I will continue to recommend friends and family because every case is...

"5 Stars" Jillian Styles

"Handled my case well" Joshlyn

My lawyer Dan Devlin handled my case well. He kept in touch and made everything go well.

"Attorney Richard Coble is very professional" Anonymous

Attorney Richard Coble is very professional, prepared and determine for the best possible outcome for your situation. Attorney Richard Coble representation was not left un noticed by the Judge as she was very impressed and commented on a “well written” motion. He definitely gets things done and is an accomplished...

"One Super Lawyer" Posted by Loretta Young

I love this firm they are so respectful and care about you...they keep you informed on how things are going and if it's something that they can't handle they will let you know up front they don't waste your time on hopes their one of the best firms ever especially...

"Exceptional Service" Posted by Monica Buccieri
August 2018

Mike and team provide exceptional service and did a great job for us but what makes them stand out is that they care about their clients. The office team is warm, personable and inviting. The knowledge of the attorneys and associates is outstanding.

"I will definitely recommend them" Bianca Rivera
October 2018

Very thankful for all their hard work, they will fight for you and get you what you deserve!!!! Thankful for Kelly and Micheal with keeping us updated on the status of our case. Very efficient! Very easy to reach! Returned phone calls/emails in a timely fashion.

"Very good lawyer54r" Helena Rynkiewicz

"Excellent work" Nurse Jarrett Hardnett

I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did as my attorney with the settlement of my automobile accident. I know you have a lot of clients, so your prompt responses and attention to detail really meant a lot to me.

"They’re so professional" Cornell Vernon

They’re so professional. They communicate very very well. Answered all and every question I had.

"Very Helpful" David

Mr. Nelson was great very helpful. I had two cases with this law firm and won them both. Thanks again to the whole team.

"Highly recommend this law firm." John
November 2018

The staff of this firm worked hard to bring this difficult case to a satisfactory settlement. The end result exceeded our expectations.

"Strives for perfection" Metro Pcs

The company strives for perfection and is reliable.

"The perfect legal team" Shannon Lavin

Mr. van der Veen & his team stopped at nothing to make sure I got what I deserved. They were so kind, gave me all the information I needed and didn’t sugar coat anything! They told me like it was and that’s what made them the perfect legal team in...

"Treats you as family" Antonio Walker

The van der Veen team treats you as family. We win together. You are not just a client, but a family member when you choose this office.

"Personal Attention" Kamerin Goins

I would like to thank Erica for her great personality and attentiveness when visiting the office; Mike and Dan for their relentless efforts to ensure no rock went unturned and extreme transparency when I would call in for status updates; and a special thanks to Mr. van der Veen for...

"they get the job done!" Marquese Justice

Great team of people...they get the job done!

"5 stars" Ishadeana Gordon

"Very friendly and caring" Monique

They came to my house and took my incident report and were very friendly and caring. They got me a check in less than a year. They are awesome friendly and caring.

"I’m grateful" Janira Bremner
October 2018

I’m very appreciative of the Firms’ support and guidance in the follow-up to a traumatic experience. I felt safe and confident in their abilities to help me navigate the complexities of the circumstance. I’m grateful for the just outcome attained in the end.

"The Best in Town!" Brandon

Hands down the best in town! If you are seeking counsel I highly recommend Michael van der Veen and his team. Thank you again!

"He was amazing." Sunshine Duncan

Attorney Richard Coble was absolutely awesome! My Husband was in a bit of a bind and Richard rumbled the charges with a concise knowledge of the law and literally sat with my husband for a great deal of time to gain all info needed and to inform my husband of...

"5 stars" James Bobbitt

"Top notch attorneys" Steve Brodsky

Best legal team in PA. Michael and Bryan are top notch attorneys and have experience in all facets of law. Highly recommended.

"Honest and Professional" Posted by Sahr Kono
June 2018

Van der Veen and Associates are classical lawyers who do everything in the best interest of their clients. They are sincere about everything they do for their clients. I am more than willing to recommend them to anyone in need of honest and professional lawyers

"Known Mike for many years" Tanya Lee

I have known Mike for many years and always turn to him and this firm for anything I need handled. I have and will continue to refer anyone looking for legal help.

"5 Stars" Henry Osei Owusu Bempa

"They where very knowledgeable" Maurice Mullins

This is a very nice place to go to for a really great lawyer. They where very knowledgeable about my situation and answered all my questions.

"They were great" Tyviahl3hflu Pinder

They were great and very pleasant, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!

"Very Impressed" Ant Fair
September 2018

Going with this law firm for my auto accident case was the best advice Mr. Branker gave me. I'm was very impressed with my results and the way they handled my case and me. GREAT

"I would recommend this law firm to anyone" D Mc

I am so please that I have chosen this law firm to represent me in court and the outcome was favorable in more ways than one. I would like to say a special thank to Richard Coble for a great job he has done. I would recommend this law...

"Completely satisfied" Amara Bowen

Completely satisfied with everything overall.

"They fight all the way" Michael Dickerson

Great group of people service is great. They fight all the way for you.

"5 Stars" Destini Goldstein

"Updated on everything" Kendall Cuffie

My attorney did his job perfectly stayed in contact wit me an kept me updated on everything that was happening with my case.

"My case really mattered and they got me that money" Furman Gist

I had a great experience. They took great care of me tand made me feel important and that my case really mattered and they got me that money. lol.

"Did a marvelous job" Spencer Sigmon
November 2018

Richard Coble did a marvelous job on getting in and getting work done at Court, and helped dismiss my charges completely.

"Had a great experience with this law firm" Nick Smith

Had a great experience with this law firm, always polite and professional

"Very professional" Alibaby Adams

Very professional, nice office and very friendly atmosphere.

"I will recommend them to my friends and family" Kadiatou Kaba

Very great services anytime you call they're at your service I will recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you so much for your service I really appreciate it.

"Got me the max amount" Dessalont Hawkins

Mike was very honest, and got me the max amount. Good job Mr Devlin.

"They don't leave you in the dark" Loretta Young

Mr. van der Veen is the best. He handled my case with extreme care and kept me informed and if anything went wrong he let me know. He gave me good advice and I love this company. They are professional and very courteous, awesome and terrific and they don't leave...

"He Was on My Side!" Jeleana James

I have been using this firm for 2 years for my child custody case. Going into the office I was so nervous, however, upon arrival was greeted with a friendly face and offered water, tea and coffee, which I greatly appreciated. I was introduced to each member of the law...

"Your best interest is always 1st priority!" Thomas Camarda

"So KIND" علية محمد

So KIND and GREAT staff

"Would use again if I needed" Shahara Nelson

Great experience. They have no problem answering the questions you have and returning your calls! Would use again if I needed to.

"Real dedication and great communication!" Ryan Daley

Richard Coble represented me and fought for me for an extended period of time. Real dedication and great communication!

"5 Stars" Bridget Rankins

"Sharks on dry land." Michelle Rhames

"Brian's my go to lawyer" Greg

Brian's my go to lawyer from now on. He was always honest with us and very supportive. Our case was tricky and he handled it like a pro. Thank you for everything!

"Highly recommend" EM Popshots

"Honest and Professional" Posted by Jeremiah Bona
June 2018

van der Veen and Associates are classical lawyers who do everything in the best interest of their clients. They are sincere about everything they do for their clients. I am more than willing to recommend them to anyone in need of honest and professional lawyers

"I would recommend them to everyone" Amanda Zorrilla

Everyone here is so sweet and helpful. I would recommend them to everyone.

"Helpful with any questions" Bernard

Lawyers were very descriptive of all events taking place. They were helpful with any questions or procedures I needed help with or performed. Whenever I called they either immediately returned the call or helped me out.

"Excellent Team" Posted by Jeremiah Ortiz
June 2018

A caring & about business group! Very considerate & professional...excellent team of attorneys!

"excellent work" Yoandi Rodriguez

I loved the way they solved my case it was very excellent work.

"Didn't back down" Anonymous

My lawyer did a awesome job getting me a settlement. The defendants were trying to fight the case and van der Veen's team didn't back down. Thanks so much guys! Nessa is a great paralegal as well with a great personality and so understanding.

"Highly Recommended" Richard Kauker

Brian has been phenomenal to work with. He has been excellent in following up and resolving my case in a timely manner. Brian is also personable and takes ownship of your case. You will want Brian in your corner!

"They fight hard" Posted by Lashanna Lee-Scott

This is my second experience using Vanderveen and i am so happy i did! Very happy with how they handled my case! They fight hard for u and always get the best results!!

"Very satisfied" Janique

Very satisfied with the service received. I recommend Michael Thomas van der Veen for all car accidents.

"He does his job the right way" Anthony Laumeister

This is one of the best place's you can go to when you need a lawyer. He is great at what he does, and takes good care of you. He does his job the right way as he is supposed to do. So, if I were you he would...

"I will definitely be calling them again" Bryant Jarvis

Richard Coble is a great lawyer. He got everything I need done in a fast time. I will definitely be calling them again for all my other cases that I need handled.

"5 Stars" Joy C

"Best law firm" John King

Best law firm, I cannot say enough great things about Mr. Van der Veen and Mr. Devlin, They are truly the best and I would never go anywhere else, thanks gentlemen!

"Love this firm" Posted by Yanery Lopez

I really love this firm really has helped me in my time of needs, their always available when i have questions and concerns thank you all for such great work..

"Good service" Noel Herrera

Friendly and very good service.

"Best law offices in Philadelphia" Eugene Simko

This is one of the best law offices in Philadelphia and I would highly recommend them to represent you on any case.

"Awesome and Efficient!" Felicia McDaniel

The whole staff is truly awesome and efficient!

"5 Stars" Sandra Franco

"5 Stars" Barry Quartlebaum

"Very professional" Lisa

Brian and his staff were very professional. They worked hard for my case. They kept in touch with me whatever was got on. I would highly recommend their law firm.

"They handled everything and handled it well." Selena

I’m very pleased with how well and smooth everything went working with Mike van der Veen. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. They handled everything and handled it well.

"5 stars" Flane Vision

"I was grateful to have this firm" Lamar Jones

They were all really helpful with my case and things moved along pretty well. I was grateful to have this firm as my representation!!

"Richard was amazing" Mrs. Duncan

Attorney Richard Coble was absolutely awesome! My Husband was in a bit of a bind and Richard rumbled the charges with a concise knowledge of the law and literally sat with my husband for a great deal of time to gain all info needed and to inform my husband...

"They very professional, exceptional , caring and I would highly recommend them to anyone." Harriet Brown

"Five Stars" Mikey Dymnz

Five Stars

"They were very helpful and professional" Edward Cliett

They were very helpful and professional. And handled all matters with urgency.

"Thanks to Mr. van der Veen for his wealth of knowledge" Kamerin Goins

I would like to take a few moments to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for everything this law office has done for me. While paying keen attention to detail they have been diligent in recovering all information related to my case. I would like to thank Erica for her...

"Worked hard on my case" Tyler Kaiser

Was In a auto accident & my original attorney switched to this firm and from the second they contacted me to let me know that happened they treated me with nothing but respect and worked hard on my case and always would contact me to update me on the status...

"Very Pleased" Darryl Bell

I was very pleased with the end result. You guys helped me understand the process of the laws governing PA law a lot better. I thank you for your time and consideration in my legal matters. Respectfully submitted.

"Brian and Neysa was very helpful" Denese White

Brian and Neysa was very helpful to me when I need them. Most anything I didn’t understand they got my back I’m so appreciative of what you guys have done for me. The service was really great and I was satisfied with the service. Thanks to you guys...

"I recommend them to so many people" Anthony Roig

My experience with Michael T. van der Veen is the best that happened to our family. He and his team has always helped us in many ways. I always said that the firm is part of my family and I can vouch for that because he and his firm have...

"They are great!" Selajdin Vila

They are great! Joe Capone and Dan Devlin are the best Lawyers in Philadelphia. They help their clients in the best way they can. I recommend van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin if you have an accident as you will walk out happy. Thank you Joe and thank you Dan.

"They are the BEST!!!!" Posted by Kimberly Adams
October 2018

They get the job done ! They made me feel like they have known me forever. They stay in touch with you let you know everything that going on. They are the BEST!!!! I find my law office home never going anywhere else.

"Car Accident" Deasia

On July 11th of 2015 I was involved in a car accident where I was a sleeping passenger coming from a party, causing my foot to be broken in about 10 places my pelvis being broken in 2 my lungs collapsing and several lacerations. All of this while 13 weeks...

"5 Stars" Luciana Ramirez

"5 Stars" Rhoda Harris

"5 Stars" la bestia Benitez

"Happy with my results" Salvatore Galarza

First time dealing with Michael T. Van Der Veen's office and I am happy with my results they did everything in there power to help me. Thanks!!!

"Highly Recommend" Tiffany Johnson

MTV Law has been there from day one for accidents,criminal cases etc. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs legal assistance.

"They made me feel like I mattered." Isa Tillery

"Great experience" Robert Potter

Great experience and friendly group of people. Appreciate all the help!!!!

"More of a family than a law firm" Mason Wright

Felt welcome with and had no problem with sharing my feelings about the incident. More of a family than a law firm. I was well respected within the walls of the office.

"I will never go into battle with anyone else!" Stephen Bytheway

When my future along with everything else I have ever worked for was on the line Richard Coble stood shoulder to shoulder with me and fought to the never end for my freedom!!! Rich, thank you for literally saving my life. I never in a million years thought we could...

"Great experience" Acciavatti Nicole

It was a great experience.

"Great staff" Alesha Jones

Great staff. Office makes you feel at home!

"5 stars" Shakeria Lewis

"Professional and Friendly" Arnita Deshields

The staff was both professional and friendly and the Covid protocol was tight. I really appreciate the wise counsel I received from Mr. Bruce Castor who reviewed every aspect of my situation, and invited an associate in office to join us in our meeting w/an area of expertise that...

"Great service" Camello Diallo

"This lawyer is fast" Alyssia Arrington
October 2018

This lawyer is fast and gets you big money I wasn’t expecting this much

"Great Service." Herby Desrosiers
September 2018

They got everything taking care of and a fair amount of time. They kept me updated on my case. Someone was willing to come to my house and start up my case. Great service overall. I will recommend someone to them. Thanks.

"5 stars" Yanna Green

"Aways on point." Keron Smalls

"5 Stars" Leon Rodgers

"I would not go elsewhere" Anonymous

Truly the best multifaceted firm in the city of Philadelphia, I would not go elsewhere. They are always honest, keep you updated, are caring, and win! Special thanks to Mr. van der Veen and Mr. Devlin and all the staff and paralegals.

"The best I have seen" Alex Rod

Been to many Laywers. These guys here are on top of everything. The best I have seen in all my years. Really friendly and knowledgeable staff. Like these guys! Recommend to anyone with legal needs!! Thank you for helping me and my family thru hard times. Thank you again!

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$100 million in settlements and verdicts, and delivered historic legal successes to clients around the state. Our impressive civil and criminal case results include:
Successful Civil Case Results:
  • $31.5 Million judgment for a motorcyclist injured in a crash
  • $10 Million settlement for a child run over by a tractor trailer truck
  • $4.8 Million dollar judgment for an Injured Bicyclist
  • $4.25 Million jury verdict for man hurt in a trucking accident
  • $3.25 Million jury verdict for a nurse hit by a dump truck
  • $1.65 Million settlement for a man injured in a car crash
  • $1.35 Million settlement from a bar that got a driver drunk
  • $1.25 Million settlement for a trespasser killed by factory equipment
  • $1 Million for a man injured by a bouncer in a strip club
  • $1 Million for Man Injured By a Falling Ceiling Tile
  • $1 Million for Woman Injured By a Cable Company Truck
  • van der Veen wins maximum for a permanently disabled client
Successful Criminal Case Results:
  • Not guilty verdict in a murder case in Philadelphia
  • Not guilty jury verdict in a rape case in Philadelphia
  • Not guilty jury verdict in an aggravated assault of a police officer case in Philadelphia
  • Not guilty verdict in a drug trafficking case in Montgomery County
  • Not guilty verdict in DUI case in Bucks County
  • Embezzlement charges dropped for a Philadelphia businessman
  • Child pornography charges dropped in Montgomery County
  • Governor’s pardon for a Wall Street stockbroker charged with theft
  • Governor’s pardon for a man charged with assault
  • Charges dropped for a man accused of Arson
Aggressive, hands-on experience when you need it most

It is rare to encounter an attorney who competently handles both personal injury and criminal defense matters while delivering outstanding results. Mr. van der Veen is that attorney in the Philadelphia area. The depth and breadth of his experience allows him to handle a diverse range of legal issues:

Attorney van der Veen’s professional repertoire includes disputes ranging from motor vehicle accidents, premises liability cases, product liability disputes, and nursing home negligence claims. He fights for the injured against the most sophisticated and deep-pocket defense teams—always to win.

Aggressively fighting for the rights of the innocent and accused

If you are facing criminal allegations, what you need most is a hard-hitting criminal defense attorney. One with a fierce commitment to winning and a deep commitment to you and your freedom. One who lifts you up and helps you become stronger in every aspect of your life – mentally, physically and spiritually, so when you are under fire as a result of criminal accusations, you are able to effectively weather the storm. Michael T. van der Veen is the Philadelphia criminal attorney who delivers all these things. He is uncompromising in his efforts to fight the charges against you, including:

  • DUI — As one of Pennsylvania’s premier DUI defense attorney, Mr. van der Veen and team has had tremendous success winning DUI trials and/or securing reduced sentences.

  • Assault — Mr. van der Veen has successfully defended many clients throughout the course of his career against felony aggravated assault charges and related offenses. We come to your defense quickly, when you need it most.

  • Sex offenses — Nothing is routine about sex crimes cases, and there is nothing routine about the defense strategies that we mount for you. Whether accused of rape, sexual assault, or other serious sex crimes, we do everything necessary to defend you. Don’t trust just anyone when your future hangs in the balance. Trust our skill and innovative approach.

  • Drugs—With substantial, high-profile experience in drug cases, rely on van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin to stand up for you against charges of selling, manufacturing, or trafficking controlled substances. Attorney van der Veen began his career as a criminal lawyer in Chicago, handling high-profile drug cases. Specifically, the Chicago needle trials in the 1990’s, which garnered national attention. He was instrumental in changing the law, decriminalizing needle possession, thus reducing the spread of AIDS.

  • White collar crimes — Recognized by companies and employees around the state for steadfast white collar criminal defense, we are advocates for those accused of corporate embezzlement, fraud, and related crimes.

  • Internet crimes—Rare and exceptional expertise in internet crimes allows us to succeed in internet crimes cases where other attorneys cannot. Whether you are facing a possession of child pornography or identity theft and forgery charge, we are your steadfast advocate.

With your reputation, future, and freedom on the line, you cannot settle for second-rate criminal representation. We fight for first-rate results.

Upholding fundamental constitutional rights and guarantees

A robust civil rights practice rounds out our comprehensive criminal and personal injury expertise. Individuals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey rely on us to uphold constitutional rights:

  • Police brutality—Through our decades of experience, we know that not all force used by police is justified. On behalf of injured victims throughout Pennsylvania, we are not afraid to hold law enforcement accountable for excessive force and other police brutality.

  • False imprisonment or wrongful arrest—If you have been detained or arrested without probable cause, you may be entitled to damages. With our firm by your side, we uphold your constitutional due process rights and make sure you get the recovery you deserve.

  • Discrimination—Being a victim of discrimination can leave you out of work or unable to access educational opportunities. It is important to hold individuals and institutions responsible for discrimination. We help you do that.

Hard-driving personal injury attorneys help accident victims recover from devastating injuries

With an extensive and diverse civil practice, we are the Philadelphia personal injury attorneys that many clients have relied upon to meet their litigation needs:

  • Accidents — Motor vehicle accidents can leave victims with extensive injuries and significant medical bills. We are relentless in fighting to secure maximum compensation for clients injured in all types of accidents involving cars, motorcycles, 18-wheelers, tractor trailer trucks, commercial trucks and vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and recreational vehicles.

  • Product liability — If you have been injured by a defective product, the company that made or manufactured the product may be liable for your injuries. Through a product liability action, we take on even the largest companies in obtaining redress for your injuries.

  • Premises liability — People are often injured on another’s property. If this has happened to you, you have rights. Trust our decades of premises liability experience to enforce these rights in your case. If you have been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, we will seek maximum compensation and stop at nothing to win.

  • Dram shop — If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, liability for your injuries may extend beyond just the driver. Bars and restaurants may also be liable. We skillfully leverage Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop laws to hold responsible parties accountable for damage and injuries they have caused.

  • Dog bites — Pennsylvania has stringent laws governing a dog owner’s liability for dog bites. If you were bitten by another person’s dog, whether on public or private property, we put Pennsylvania dog bite laws to work in seeking compensation for your injuries.

  • Nursing home negligence — Nursing home negligence and abuse is a horrible reality for many elderly Americans. If your family member has suffered injury or neglect at the hands of uncaring or incompetent nursing home staff, we are aggressive in our efforts to seek accountability and full, fair recovery.

No matter the personal injury issue you are facing, we tailor our approach and case strategy to your specific circumstances and needs. And, you can trust us to be completely honest with you. If a settlement is in your best interest, you can rest assured that we will do everything necessary to obtain the maximum recovery outside of a trial. In the event your case goes to trial, we never shy away from standing up to large insurance companies, government entities, and sly defense teams in court. We will go up against anyone when it comes to our clients. We live for the challenge of fighting and winning on your behalf.

A trusted partner for your small business

For decades, our firm has served small businesses across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, lending experience and expertise to the issues with which businesses commonly grapple:

  • Contracts—Every business relies on contracts, and area businesses routinely engage the firm to advise them during contract drafting and execution. Often this entails taking unresolved matters to court when doing so is in the best interest of your business.

  • Antitrust—Business and antitrust regulations are complicated—and non-compliance is costly. Through seasoned legal counsel, we aim to ensure that your business is operating within the bounds of applicable competition laws.

  • Government investigations—We have the knowledge and legal savvy you need when facing corporate, criminal and government investigations into business practices, regulation compliance or other matters by the Attorney General, state police, district attorney’s office or other state or federal agency.

  • Formation and dissolution—From startup to dissolution, there are many legal issues that a business encounters. Our firm is a trusted resource for thorough representation at all stages in the life of your business.

If you are in need of a knowledgeable Philadelphia criminal defense attorney, call us today

Few Pennsylvania law firms offer the extensive legal practice that clients find at van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin. Individuals, families, and small businesses lean on our firm and knowledgeable attorneys for seasoned advice and staunch representation. Call (215) 515-6892 or contact us online to explore how our tremendous experience can work for you. Our Philadelphia criminal attorneys offer free initial consultations for all clients. Individuals in Philadelphia or neighboring counties can visit our office, just blocks from City Hall and the Jefferson SEPTA station.

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Comprehensive representation. Impressive results.

You have options when it comes to choosing a Philadelphia criminal attorney, but not all are the same. The Law Offices of Michael T. van der Veen offers clients an experience that goes beyond the traditional attorney-client model—and one that you cannot find anywhere else.

  • Client-centric focus — Our commitment to you and your well-being extends beyond the resolution of your case. Lean on us to coach you in all aspects of your life, to ensure that you remain healthy and strong throughout your case. We are with you during the often-difficult process of rebuilding your life following an accident or serious criminal allegations.

  • Professional accomplishment — A reputable all-star in the Pennsylvania legal community, Mr. van der Veen has been named a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer for ten years running. This recognition is bestowed to only the top attorneys in the state.

  • Commitment to community — Our unrelenting dedication to clients extends beyond the law practice to the broader community. Through participation in local organizations and dedication to charitable causes, we are driven to serve the community with the same unrelenting passion we have to serve clients.

  • Criminal and civil litigation experience — Many law firms handle only civil or only criminal matters. Mr. van der Veen is the only attorney in the area that can offer you dynamic representation in all civil and all criminal legal matters. He knows his way around both courtrooms and has extensive experience handling all types of both civil and criminal cases. Attorney van der Veen handles everything from murder, DUI, rape, embezzlement and theft, to personal injury, accidents and even traffic tickets if necessary to help clients. In addition, he is licensed in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey to better serve your legal needs.

  • Unrivaled work ethic — Mr. van der Veen and his team work around-the-clock every day of the year for clients. For him, fighting and winning for you is not just a career, it is his lifelong passion.

  • Unparalleled results — Mr. van der Veen’s record speaks for itself, with an unparalleled number of high-profile successes in both criminal defense and civil litigation. Our firm has secured more.

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