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Case Results

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  • $35,100,000
    Attorney van der Veen Fights the Odds to Win a $31.5 Million Judgment Motorcycle Accident
    A young newlywed, Jesse Darwish was catastrophically injured over a July 4th holiday weekend when an uninsured driver negligently turned left in front of Jesse’s motorcycle causing an accident. Despite his helmet, Jesse’s injuries were devastating. ...
  • $10,000,000
    Michael van der Veen Wins $10 Million Settlement, After Offer of Nothing Truck Accident
    A mother was devastated by the news that her normal, healthy child suffered a traumatic brain injury, requiring a lifetime of care and support. Even worse, the insurance company representing the tractor trailer that crushed her child’s skull denied ...
  • $4,800,000
    Michael van der Veen Goes Above and Beyond to Win $4.8 Million for Bicyclist Bicycle Accident
    Jennifer Watson∗ was nearly killed when a drunk driver hit her from behind as she rode her bicycle along the side of the road. Although she was traveling straight and well away from the car’s lane of travel on the shoulder or bike lane, the driver ...
  • $4,250,000
    Federal Jury Awards $4.25 Million to Michael van der Veen’s Severely Injured Client in Tractor Trailer Accident Truck Accident
    Damien Wallace∗ enjoyed a simple and happy life. He worked two jobs to help provide for his wife and two children, and enjoyed spending time with his friends and family. His world changed, however, the day a tractor-trailer made an improper left hand ...
  • $3,250,000
    Patience and Expertise Results in a $3.25 Million Jury Award Truck Accident
    Patricia Knox∗ had risen to the top of the nursing profession. A Charge Nurse for the Cardiac Surgical Transplant Unit at the most prestigious and well-known hospital in Philadelphia, Mrs. Knox also served as the Lead Scrub Nurse on the most serious ...
  • $2,400,000
    Pedestrian Accident
    $2.4 million verdict for the victim of a tragic pedestrian accident.
  • $1,650,000
    Car Accident
    $1.65 Million settlement for a man injured in a car crash.
  • $1,350,000
    Michael van der Veen Wins $1.35 Million For Boxer Injured By Drunk Driver Car Accident by Drunk Driver
    Victor Ellis∗ was a boxer. After a promising 12-0 record as an amateur, he turned professional and won his first two bouts without a defeat. Unfortunately, Victor’s boxing career never advanced beyond that point. In the early hours of a foggy, rainy ...
  • $1,250,000
    Premises Liability
    $1.25 Million settlement for a trespasser killed by factory equipment.
  • $1,000,000
    $1M Settlement for Man Injured By a Falling Ceiling Tile Premises Liability
    Jason Sanders* was a member of a health club playing a game of Wallyball on a designated racquetball court with his family and friends. He was injured when a wooden ceiling tile weighing more than three pounds fell from a height of over 20 feet and ...
  • $1,000,000
    van der Veen Wins $1M for Woman Injured By a Cable Company Truck Truck Accident
    What is my case worth? That is the question nearly every person injured in an accident will ask at some point. While the answer is complicated and depends on a number of factors that differ in nearly every case, an experienced and effective attorney ...
  • $1,000,000
    Seven-Figure Settlement for Man Assaulted By a Club Bouncer Assault by Club Employee
    On a warm summer night, Tyler Bishop∗ went out with his friend and business partner to celebrate Tyler’s birthday and watch a pre-season football game. They went to a local “gentlemen’s” club and settled in for the evening. Hours later, Tyler was ...
  • Not Guilty
    Not Guilty Verdict in a Rape Case Against a College Student Rape
    Sexual assault and rape cases present an added level of complexity to the job of a defense attorney. In addition to all the intangibles and strategic nuances of other criminal matters, sexual assault cases almost always produce a more highly charged ...
  • Not Guilty
    Not Guilty Jury Verdict in a Rape Case in Philadelphia Rape Case
    The manager of a center city Philadelphia travel agency was charged with the rape and sexual assault of a female college student who had visited his place of business to purchase airline tickets for a spring break vacation. The defendant steadfastly ...
  • Acquittal
    Second Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump
    Former President Donald Trump asked Michael van der Veen and Bruce Castor, Jr. to represent him in only the fourth presidential impeachment trial in the nation's history. With only eight days to prepare, the team at van der Veen, Hartshorn and Levin ...
  • Not Guilty
    Not Guilty Verdict in a Murder Case in Philadelphia Murder Case
    The odds were stacked against Joseph Notaro. Although he had cared for his elderly mother for decades, over the last six months of her life she suffered a series of suspicious injuries. After she died, it was the position of the Philadelphia District ...
  • Maximum Compensation
    van der Veen Wins Maximum For a Permanently Disabled Client Bus Accident
    Every personal injury case presents its own special challenges for the attorney representing an injured client. Sometimes it is proving liability or fault. Other times the difficulty is a matter of making sure that a badly injured client secures ...
  • Charges Dropped
    Charges dropped for a man accused of Arson.
  • Not Guilty
    Not Guilty Verdict in a Drug Trafficking Case in Montgomery County Drug Trafficking
    At the time of his arrest, the defendant in the case of Commonwealth v. Allen was a high school basketball referee who was on parole for a previous drug trafficking conviction. Believing Mr. Allen was still involved in the sales and distribution of ...
  • Not Guilty
    Not guilty verdict in DUI case in Bucks County.
  • Charges Dropped
    Embezzlement Charges Dropped Against a Philadelphia Businessman Embezzlement
    The manager of a high end Philadelphia restaurant was charged with embezzlement after ownership discovered missing funds from the business. Because the money could not be accounted for, the manager was arrested and accused of stealing the receipts. ...
  • Pardon Granted
    Governor’s pardon
    Governor’s pardon for a Wall Street stockbroker charged with theft
  • Pardon Granted
    Governor’s pardon
    Governor’s pardon for a man charged with assault
  • Not Guilty
    Not Guilty Jury Verdict in an Aggravated Assault of a Police Officer Case In Philadelphia Aggravated Assault
    A young black musician was walking through a large shopping mall with his white girlfriend when he was approached by a Philadelphia police officer and stopped for questioning. Not believing the stop was justified, he objected, and the officer ...
  • Not Guilty
    Child Pornography
    Child pornography charges dropped in Montgomery County.