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Allentown Criminal Defense Attorney

To obtain convictions in criminal cases, prosecutors must establish every element of every offense beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s a very high mountain to climb, but it is far from unclimbable. Prosecutors have nearly unlimited resources at their disposal. Furthermore, they are relentless in pursuit of convictions. A stellar win-loss record is one of the only ways to climb the corporate ladder.

The dedicated Allentown criminal defense attorneys at van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin have what it takes to resist this prosecutorial onslaught. We have resources of our own, thanks to our vast legal experience and available physical resources. We also have a fighting spirit. We are proud to stand up for our clients and protect them against the state’s unlimited resources. That pride shines through in everything we do.

Physical Crimes in Allentown

Crimes of violence and against property have been an issue almost ever since people began living together. In today’s America, some of the most common crimes in this category include:

  • Assault: Typically, these crimes occur after an emotional disagreement becomes violent. When that happens, you need an experienced attorney to guide you through the complex legal process. Many times, we are able to resolve even serious assault cases without going to trial.
  • Murder: Depending on the facts, prosecutors could bring several kinds of homicide cases. These intricate prosecutions also require an intricate defense. We also embrace innovative defenses, such as the slow plea and open plea.
  • DUI: A Driving Under the Influence conviction often means more than just probation and fines. It often also involves drivers’ license suspension, astronomically high auto insurance rates, and other collateral consequences.
  • Sex Crimes: Truth be told, some criminal defense attorneys shy away from sensitive matters like rape or other such offenses. But at van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin, we treat these cases like any other criminal case, and we treat you with the same respect as we treat all other clients.
  • Drug Crimes: In the ongoing War on Drugs, convictions are about the only measure of victory. So, to justify their bloated anti-drug budgets, prosecutors are very aggressive in this area. Sometimes, prosecutors are a bit overzealous.

We also routinely handle a number of other matters, such as motor vehicle theft, aggravated assault, and stalking.

Virtual Crimes in Allentown

Even if the defendant and alleged victim never meet face-to-face, the crime is no less serious. In fact, the invasion of privacy that these cases entail often creates juror sympathy for the alleged victims. So, at van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin, we work to get past the emotional aspect of these cases and focus on the facts. We use this approach in matters like:

  • White Collar Crimes: Embezzlement, forgery, and other breach of trust financial crimes can ruin a person’s career. So, we work hard to clear your name and bring about the best result possible.
  • Child Pornography: Viewing images on the internet or in email attachments is not a crime. However, possessing these images is one of the most serious crimes of all. We approach these cases from both a legal and technical standpoint in order to create reasonable doubt.
  • Theft: From shoplifting to passing a bad check to defrauding a bank, theft cases have a number of moving parts. A breakdown in any one area creates an opening for an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Other areas of practice at our firm include internet crimes and related criminal activity allegations.

Trust Experienced Allentown Criminal Attorneys

If you are in trouble with the law, our award-winning criminal defense team is here to help. For a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Allentown, contact van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin. Convenient payment plans are available.

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