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Reading Divorce Attorney

No one plans for a divorce at the time they get married, which is part of the reason seeking a divorce is so emotional – it’s hard to understand just exactly what went wrong. At the law office of van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin, our Reading divorce attorneys know that you may be feeling upset, alone, and uncertain about the future as you navigate your divorce case. When you choose our law firm for support, you can count on us to work hard for you and advocate for your best interests throughout the entire process. Call us today to get started.

Issues to Resolve in a Divorce

Before two people who are married can legally separate, they must resolve a handful of issues – this resolution must be signed off on by the court, too. Issues that must be resolved before a divorce can be finalized include:

  • Division of property. Per Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Section 3502, marital property must be divided in a manner that’s equitable. Equitable and equal do not mean the same thing. A court will determine what’s equitable by considering the length of the marriage, the contribution of each party to the marriage, each party’s sources of income, and more.
  • Child custody. One of the most important matters to resolve in a divorce action is that of with whom a shared child will live. Parents may choose to share custody of a child, or one parent may be granted a larger percentage of parenting time with the other being granted visitation time. Child custody is one of the most contentious issues in a divorce case and working with an attorney is strongly recommended.
  • Child support. After a child custody agreement is decided upon, parents will then need to reach an agreement about child support. Both parents are responsible for providing for their child(ren) financially; the non-custodial parent will be ordered to make child support payments to satisfy this obligation. 
  • Spousal maintenance/support. Finally, spousal maintenance, also called spousal support or alimony, is part of many divorce settlements. This is the case when one party does not have the means to provide for their basic needs and standard of living established during the marriage.

How Our Reading, PA Divorce Lawyers Will Help

If you are getting a divorce, our Reading, PA divorce lawyers will help you by explaining to you the law and your options for best navigating the divorce, gathering evidence to support your side and bolster your chances of winning, represent you in negotiations with your spouse or/and represent you in litigation before the court, and more. We know how serious of implications the outcome of a divorce settlement will have on your future and we want to help.

Call Our Law Firm Today for a Consultation

If you are getting a divorce, don’t represent yourself in the process – there’s too much on the line. For the legal support you need, call the law office of van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin and schedule a consultation with our Reading, PA divorce attorneys.

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