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Can an insurance company deny a life insurance claim?

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They can deny a life insurance claim. They might not always do it appropriately though. A life insurance company can deny a claim if they can prove that the applicant, the life insurance applicant, committed some kind of fraud in the application process.

Typical examples of that is, telling a life insurance company that, “No, I’m not a smoker.” When you’ve been a smoker for 10 years and you’re applying for life insurance. Because smoking is clearly something that the life insurance company would want to know when they’re evaluating the risk of your life and the risk of you dying.

Other examples are, “Are you a skydiver?” And you’ve been a skydiver for 20 years, and you’re a great skydiver, but you don’t tell them that. And so, those kind of questions, if you don’t answer them truthfully, can lead to a life insurance denial. But, there are ways around that. And if that happens, you should call us and we can certainly help you with that.

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