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Philadelphia DUI Attorney

Securing favorable outcomes for clients facing DUI charges

A Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, charge is quite common, especially on weekends or during holidays. Many Pennsylvania residents have, or know someone who has, been charged with a DUI. Many people try to handle their DUI case without a defense attorney, with disappointing results. When faced with a DUI charge, individuals in Chester County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, and across the New Jersey state line choose van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin. Count on our skilled Philadelphia DUI attorneys to provide the unwavering representation and savvy defense strategies when you need it. We are passionate about protecting your rights, your freedom and your future.

What are the penalties of a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania?

If you are charged and convicted of a DUI, you can anticipate any number of penalties:

  • Misdemeanor criminal charge
  • License suspension
  • Monetary fines
  • Community service
  • Alcohol and drug treatment
  • Mandatory safe driving courses
  • Vehicle ignition Interlock
  • Jail or prison time
  • Probation

DUI penalties differ based on the circumstances of your case. Prior DUI offenses can have an impact on the penalties that the court imposes in your current case. With much on the line, trust our accomplished Philadelphia DUI attorneys to work hard to maintain your driving privileges and your freedom. While many attorneys in the Philadelphia area handle DUI cases, few share attorney van der Veen’s history of successfully reducing or beating DUI charges altogether. Rely on him to attain the best possible results in your DUI case.

Blood Alcohol Content affects a DUI charge

The penalties for DUIs under Pennsylvania law are tied to Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). The law creates three categories of DUI offenses:

  • General Impairment—A BAC of between .08 and .099 percent may result in a General Impairment DUI. Cases in which the BAC is undetermined also fall into this category.
  • High BAC—A High Rate of Alcohol DUI may be imposed if your BAC is between .10 and .159 percent.
  • Highest BAC—If you have a Blood Alcohol Content of .16 and higher, you may be facing a Highest Rate of Alcohol DUI. Drivers found to be under the influence of a controlled substance or who refuse BAC testing also face this category of DUI offenses.

While the category of DUI that you are charged with is dependent on your BAC level, the reported BAC is not an automatic conviction. Blood Alcohol Content testing is not foolproof. These tests and the people administering them make mistakes. Only a capable Philadelphia DUI defense attorney can undertake comprehensive investigation and aggressive defense representation to reduce penalties. The state will be aggressive in its efforts to convict you, so make sure that you have me on your side, a formidable DUI defense attorney with a long record of success.

What about multiple DUI convictions?

While individuals with no prior offenses still face penalties if convicted of a DUI charge, Pennsylvania law generally emphasizes treatment and rehabilitation for first-time offenders. Penalties are harsher if you have multiple DUI offenses, including higher fines and longer license restrictions. Individuals with two or more DUI convictions are commonly required to install a costly Interlock system in their vehicle. Additionally, the length of potential jail or prison time can increase with past offenses. If you have prior convictions, you need a strong DUI defense attorney on your side. Trust our firm to fight hard against your charges and never settle for anything other than what is in your best interest.

Facing a DUI charge? Contact an aggressive Philadelphia DUI attorney today to schedule a free initial consultation

Law enforcement moves quickly in pursuing DUI offenses, so it is essential that you contact an attorney as soon as possible after being charged. Contact van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin online or call 215-515-6892 to schedule your free initial consultation. We are available 24/7 to take your call and begin mounting your strategic defense. Or, visit our Philadelphia DUI attorneys at our downtown Philadelphia law office, conveniently located near the Jefferson SEPTA station, formerly known as Market East.

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