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Philadelphia Construction Accident Attorney

The area’s most aggressive advocate for construction accident victims

Without the dedicated men and women who work at construction sites, our nation’s roads, buildings, and infrastructure would not be possible. Construction, however, is a very dangerous industry. Every year, countless workers get hurt—or worse, killed—in accidents at construction sites.

Injured victims face time out of work and crushing medical bills. Securing a settlement or prevailing at trial is often the difference between a successful recovery and lifelong bills and medical care. For decades, Michael T. van der Veen and his lauded Philadelphia legal team have served as unyielding advocates for construction accident victims. At van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin, our Philadelphia construction accident attorneys work tirelessly to deliver maximum results to injured clients.

Recognized by construction industry defense teams for our relentless pursuit of justice on behalf of injured victims

Construction is a lucrative business. Contractors, subcontractors, and others dedicate substantial resources to defending industry interests. The result is that, without a heavy-hitting personal injury attorney, innocent accident victims are left struggling, with subpar settlements. The firm boasts a formidable team of construction accident attorneys, who are nationally acclaimed for challenging the construction industry—and winning. If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident, turn to the Philadelphia personal injury attorneys who are feared by large industry interests.

Superb legal expertise ensures that we secure compensation where other personal injury attorneys fail

Construction accidents are more complex than the average personal injury case, and the complexity of these cases surpasses the expertise of many personal injury lawyers. With an attorney who does not have an appreciation for or ability to navigate the intricacies of construction accident litigation, you may not recover the full amount to which you are rightfully entitled. Our Philadelphia construction accident attorneys owe their success to an unmatched handling of construction accident disputes. Digging deeper than simply investigating your injuries and potential recovery, we thoroughly examine the often-complicated circumstances giving rise to your accident:

  • Were workers appropriately trained?
  • Were the materials and tools being used appropriate for the particular build?
  • Were appropriate and/or adequate safety mechanisms in place?
  • How did the safety standards in place align with Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements and other applicable regulations?
  • How well was equipment maintained?
  • Were proper restraints used?

These and other questions help us gain a holistic understanding of your case and all potential avenues of compensation. We leave no stone unturned so that you do not obtain less than maximum recovery.

Decades of courtroom and litigation experience put to work on your case

Construction accidents do not always follow predictable patterns of workplace injuries. For instance, accidents on or around a construction zone are not always confined to individuals working that site. Pedestrians, children, and others accessing the site and surrounding areas may also fall victim to serious accidents. Additionally, construction workers can be injured by outside parties. For example, highway construction workers encounter serious risks when manning sites on or near active roadways.

No matter the circumstances under which a construction accident occurs, identifying liable parties is essential for recovery but often very difficult. Our Philadelphia construction accident attorneys have an impressive repertoire of successful settlements and victories at trial, representing decades of direct experience in the field. Securing recovery for injured clients is our sole focus.

If you are a construction accident victim, let our tenacious Philadelphia injury attorneys fight and win for you

From the moment you meet with us during your free initial consultation, we are hard at work pursuing your case. Call van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin at 215-515-6892 for first-rate legal representation or contact us online. Construction industry interests are committed to limiting your recovery. Our  Philadelphia construction accident attorneys are committed to overcoming them and prevailing on your behalf.

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