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Not Guilty Verdict in a Drug Trafficking Case in Montgomery County

At the time of his arrest, the defendant in the case of Commonwealth v. Allen was a high school basketball referee who was on parole for a previous drug trafficking conviction. Believing Mr. Allen was still involved in the sales and distribution of narcotics, parole agents along with a joint drug task force of local, state and federal agents conducted coordinated raids of various homes and vehicles. The raids uncovered large quantities of cocaine and drug paraphernalia associated with drug distribution. Believing that Mr. Allen was involved, he was arrested and charged with the sale and distribution of these drugs.

The extensive allegations contained in the criminal complaint against the defendant were likely intended to intimidate him and induce him to plead guilty. To the contrary, however, Mr. Allen stood his ground and retained attorney Michael van der Veen, knowing that he had both the experience and temperament to handle such a high profile matter. This was true, van der Veen has handled a great many criminal cases involving narcotics charges and knew exactly how to proceed.

Attorney van der Veen filed motions to suppress the evidence in this case, claiming the search and seizure by the police and other agents was unconstitutional because they violated the defendant’s civil rights. Specifically, van der Veen argued that the government’s actions violated the defendant’s rights under the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

A pre-trial suppression hearing was conducted to determine whether the prosecution’s evidence was obtained legally. At the conclusion of the testimony, van der Veen’s motion to suppress the evidence against Mr. Allen was GRANTED. The prosecution could not use or reference the seized narcotics or paraphernalia against Mr. Allen at trial. Once this evidence was ruled to be excluded, there was nothing left to support the prosecution’s case and the charges against Mr. Allen were DISMISSED.

When evidence is obtained illegally, its quantity or quality does not matter. The nature of the evidence does not matter either. What does matter is having an attorney who knows whether evidence has been obtained in a legal and constitutional manner, and how to protect that client’s rights in the courtroom.

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