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Philadelphia Fatigued Driver Accident Attorney

Drowsy driving as negligent as drunk driving

Drowsy driving has virtually the same symptoms and dangers of drunk driving. The physical impact on its victims are equally as life-shattering. At van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin, our Philadelphia fatigued driver accident attorneys hold negligent drivers accountable for the injuries and devastation they cause by driving while drowsy or fatigued. We have built an outstanding reputation as being the most aggressive litigators in Philadelphia because we fiercely advocate for accident victims against those causing harm and injury.

The legal significance of drowsy driving in Philadelphia

Unlike drunk driving, there are no laws that explicitly make it illegal to drive while drowsy. If it were explicitly illegal, the citation against the at-fault driver could be used against them as proof of their negligence in a civil lawsuit. However, driving while drowsy is still a form of negligence—it just means that you need an excellent Philadelphia auto accident attorney that can uncover evidence to prove that the other driver is wholly at fault for driving while drowsy. An important part of our litigation strategy is to discover admissible evidence of their drowsy driving to maximize their fault in a civil lawsuit.

Evidence of drowsy driving includes:

  • Witness testimony or video of swerving
  • Evidence supporting that they have been awake for an abnormal amount of time
  • The time of day
  • Drivers crossing into oncoming traffic or across multiple lanes
  • The driver’s disposition after the accident
  • Experienced Philadelphia accident attorneys build a strong case against drowsy drivers

The first thing we do is gather as much evidence as possible. The longer you wait to speak with us, the less evidence we have available to prove the other driver’s fault and the extent of your injuries. We are the best at what we do because we aggressively collect evidence and help you find the best medical treatment available for your injuries. Our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys settle for nothing less than full compensation and have a long history of historic settlements and verdicts in motor vehicle accident cases.

Schedule a free initial consultation with premier Philadelphia accident attorneys today if you have been injured by a fatigued driver

van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin is different than other law firms. Our team of Philadelphia Fatigued Driver accident attorneys put your well-being first. Putting your needs first has been the key to collecting more than $100 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients Call us at 215.546.1000 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your legal options. Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our office is located in downtown Philadelphia, close to City Hall, and easily accessible via public transportation.

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