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Allentown Public Intoxication Attorney

While enjoying a couple of drinks with friends and family is a common social activity, every once in a while things might go a bit too far, and boisterous laughter becomes raucous and explosive. If your revelry got a little bit out of hand, the experienced Allentown public intoxication attorneys at van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin have got your back. Drunk and disorderly charges can have a nasty effect on your reputation, your job, and your family, not to mention they can result in some unpleasant fines ranging between $500 and $1000. Having a robust defense can be a lifesaver.

An Aggressive Defense Makes a Difference

The implications of a public intoxication charges are pretty vile. One night of celebration can turn into a serious blemish on your character. Instead of remembering the event as a high-spirited night out, you are known as a sloppy drunk. A few laughs are described as stumbling guffaws. The fact is, the charges based on  interpretation, to some degree. Having a legal team that understands this and that is willing to put forth a hard-hitting defense can mean the difference between conviction and dismissal of these kinds of charges.

Mitigating Potential Charges

Proving public intoxication requires the prosecutor to demonstrate several key factors. If our talented legal team can undermine just one of them, you could be off the hook. Consider the legal requirements under Pennsylvania law associated with the charge:

  • Police must have observed an individual who was under the influence of alcohol or drugs: The issue of intoxication is relatively easy to determine, as law enforcement officers can observe that you have been consuming alcohol or perform tests to determine your blood alcohol level. Even prescription medications, if taken improperly or without a prescription, may be deemed illegal.
  • The individual must have created a disturbance:If, after consuming drugs or alcohol, the individual became loud or obnoxious, or became threatening in any way, it could be considered public intoxication. Specifically, the law says a person must have endangered himself or others, or annoyed people in the locale.
  • The incident must have occurred in a public location:If the individual was in a restaurant, bar, parking lot, sidewalk, or any other public space, the final component of a public intoxication charge will have been met.

At van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin, we Know our Stuff!

At van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin, we have a legal team dedicated specifically to the defense of public intoxication charges. If anyone understands the nuances of the law and knows how to navigate through the legal system to the best advantage of clients, we do. Don’t trust your reputation to anyone else. Contact our Allentown office for a free, confidential consultation today.

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