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Allentown Amtrak Accident Attorney

Amtrak is one of the most effective ways to travel through Allentown and to other parts of the state and surrounding states. But the Amtrak system is not without flaws and issues like derailment and collisions have left passengers and surrounding persons with injuries–sometimes fatal injuries–over the years. At the law offices of van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin, our Allentown Amtrak accident attorneys are committed to helping harmed Amtrak passengers understand their rights regarding seeking compensation and holding Amtrak or other responsible parties liable for harm caused. If you’ve been harmed on or by an Amtrak train, please call our Allentown personal injury lawyers today.

Causes of Train Derailments and Accidents

A train accident or train derailment can be caused by numerous different factors. Examples of causes of Amtrak accidents include:

  • Collisions with other objects, including another train or vehicle;
  • Objects on the tracks;
  • Mechanical errors;
  • Operator errors; and
  • Broken rails.

The majority of train derailment accidents are completely preventable and are caused as the result of someone’s negligence – the failure to exercise the proper degree of care.

Who’s Liable for an Amtrak Accident?

When an Amtrak accident occurs, getting to the bottom of what caused that accident is critical. For example, if an accident is caused by speeding, then the accident is the fault of the train operator. If the accident is caused by a broken rail or track, the party responsible for rail maintenance is to blame.

Under the theory of vicarious liability, Amtrak can be held liable for the actions of its employees, including train operators, maintenance and service providers, and more. As such, if you have been harmed in an Amtrak accident that was fault of Amtrak or one of its employees, you may be able to seek damages by filing a claim directly against Amtrak.

You Need a Skilled Allentown Attorney on Your Side

Amtrak is a large corporation that wields a lot of power and influence and has the resources to hire the best attorneys in Pennsylvania. If you have been involved in an Amtrak accident and suffered an injury, you do not want to attempt to take on Amtrak alone. To improve your chances of recovering the full value of your economic and noneconomic losses, you need a skilled attorney on your side who has fought back against Amtrak in the past and understands what it takes to win a settlement.

Call Our Allentown Amtrak Attorney Today

Following an Amtrak collision that causes injuries, you have two years to bring forth your claim; waiting longer than this will result in a bar to recovery. To start the process of recovering compensation today, call our law firm or send us a confidential message telling us more about your situation. We work on a contingency fee basis, and never charge a fee for a personal injury case consultation. Reach out today to learn how we can help you after an Allentown Amtrak accident.

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