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Allentown Insurance Claim Denial Attorney

There is nothing more frustrating than filing an insurance claim with your insurance agent only to have your claim denied. If you are an individual or business owner who is depending on expected insurance compensation to allow you to continue operations as normal, a rejected insurance claim can be disastrous. If your insurance claim has been denied and you are uncertain of your options, reach out to our Allentown insurance claim denial attorneys for the support you need.

Common Reasons for Insurance Claim Denial  

Insurance claims can be denied for numerous reasons, some of them more valid than others. Reasons for insurance claim denials include:

  • Negligence on the part of the policyholder;
  • Filing and information errors;
  • Misunderstanding of benefits/coverage/policy;
  • Lack of coverage for certain damages or causes of damages;
  • Insurance bad faith;
  • Failing to file the claim in the required amount of time; and
  • More.

When your insurance claim is denied, your insurer is obligated to provide you with a reason for that denial. Our lawyers can help you to understand whether or not the denial is reasonable and what to do if not.

Bad Faith Claim Denials

In some cases, as mentioned above, an insurance claim may be denied in bad faith. This means that the insurer does not have cause to deny the claim, and is doing it with ill-intent or self-interest. If your claim has been denied in bad faith, you may have grounds to bring forth a bad faith insurance claim. These types of claims can be hard to prove, and are best supported with representation from a qualified attorney.

What Are My Options if My Claim Was Denied? 

If your claim is denied, our lawyers want to reassure you that you maintain the right to appeal the denial. We can help by reviewing the language of your policy, analyzing the insurance company’s cause for claim denial, gathering evidence to ensure that damages or coverage you are claiming are indeed covered under your policy, negotiating with the insurance company, investigating any evidence of bad faith, and more.

If your insurance claim was denied, your first step should be thoroughly documenting all of your interactions with the insurance company, the details of your claim, and important dates (when damage occurred, when you notified the insurer and filed a claim, etc.). Then, you should call an attorney who can guide you through what to do next.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Take Action

Receiving a claim denial letter in the mail can feel hopeless, and you may be unsure of what to do next or what your rights are. At the law office of van der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin, our experienced Allentown insurance claim denial attorneys can help. To learn more about working with our team and our experience, please reach out to us by phone or online today. We are able to work on a contingency fee basis and always offer free consultations.

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