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Trump Impeachment Lawyer Michael T. van der Veen joins the Trump Organization’s trial team in Manhattan D.A. Case

Philadelphia (Sept. 23, 2022) – Trump Payroll Corp d/b/a The Trump Organization has filed a motion to allow the entry of appearance of Michael T. van der Veen, founder of the van der Veen, Hartshorn and Levin law firm and the lead attorney on former President Donald J. Trump’s February 2021 impeachment legal team, onto the trial team defending the organization in the criminal prosecution brought against it by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Expected to go to trial October 24th, the Manhattan D.A.’s case alleges members of the Trump Organization committed tax fraud by evading taxes by failing to report indirect compensation on their returns.

“It’s no surprise that Attorney General James, through a press conference, announced her civil suits on the eve of this trial. It is a blatant attempt to poison the jury pool. These criminal and civil prosecutions are an attack on not just the Trump Organization but American business itself” said van der Veen, “Every family business and every mom-and-pop shop – the backbone of our economy and our country – should understand that progressive prosecutors are weaponizing record keeping laws as a means to achieve the ends of the redistribution of wealth by assessing enormous and grossly disproportion corporate fines, fees and penalties. My client is innocent, and we look forward to defending his innocence in court.”

van der Veen led former President Trump’s legal team during the former president’s second impeachment proceeding in February 2021. That legal team successfully defended former President Trump, securing an acquittal in the proceeding that sought to impeach him for his alleged role in the events on January 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol.

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