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Identity Theft

February 19, 2018

By Van Der Veen, Hartshorn, and Levin

As technology continues to expand, we share our private lives more and more online. This leaves the door wide open for identity theft. Almost every aspect of most of our lives is shared online. What restaurant are we dining at, who we are with, when is our next vacation. We share these updates mindlessly. Identity theft has become so commonplace that almost anyone can be accused. If you are falsely accused of identity theft, contact a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney immediately. Unwarranted charges can cause havoc to your reputation, career, and family. We are here to clear your name.

Wanting to share our lives and memories with our loved ones is great and the internet makes it so easy. It is still important to be mindful of what you are posting and who you allow to see your accounts. It takes no time for a hacker to get into your account. Our open internet connections make it easy for someone to use our WiFi to try and hide their tracks and put blame on you. Do not make it even easier for them by oversharing on social media. The following highlights a few types of identity theft you should be aware of:

Takeover Existing Account

This is the most common and occurs when identity thieves access your existing accounts. Once they have access to your account they can make changes to your account or use a stored credit card. Make sure to monitor your accounts and check them regularly. If one of your existing accounts has been breached, make sure to not only change that password but any other accounts where you use that same password. Having various passwords, although frustrating to remember, is beneficial.

Child Identity Theft

Using a child’s identity to set up credit lines, apply for loans, or get benefits is also something to watch out for. Most adults check their credit report but not their children’s. Try to keep as much information as you can about your child private. Your child’s date of birth and Social Security number should not be revealed to the public. Talk with your children about this as well. They may not realize that personal information they make public could have consequences later.

Estate Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs after death as well, here thieves use the deceased person’s personal information to open accounts or receive government benefits. Steps to avoid estate identity theft include: close out all accounts, notify the deceased’s bank as well as credit bureaus, and take care of any remaining debts.

Identity Theft Accusations Can Cause Substantial Harm

Do not hesitate if you have been accused of identity theft. Call van der Veen, Hartshorn, Levin & Lindheim for your free consultation. Identity theft relies heavily on technology and obtaining records and information can be painstakingly hard and tedious. Our Philadelphia identity theft lawyers will start working on your case immediately. The more time we have to prepare the better our defense. Drop by our downtown Philadelphia office today or call us at (215) 486-0123.


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