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Category Archives: Expungement


Expungement Eligibility – Can I get this off my record?

By Grant Bloomdahl |

You were young, drunk, in a bad time in your life, or took a plea deal “just to be done with it.” Whatever the reason, a prior conviction can be a lot like the proverbial skeleton in a closet – except people know about it and more often than not information on it is… Read More »

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New Law Allows for Expungement of Misdemeanor Criminal Records

By van der Veen, O’Neill, Hartshorn, and Levin |

Next month, a new law which allows for expungement of certain criminal records will go into effect in Pennsylvania. Aimed at decreasing recidivism, the law offers an opportunity for many individuals convicted of low-level misdemeanors to start over with a clean slate. Expungement In recent decades, as more and more individuals were charged and… Read More »

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